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Find no-stress Fortnite teammates

Get in-game with a top-tier Fortnite duo in less than 2 minutes.

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Fortnite Duo Ultra is crafted to elevate your Fortnite gameplay by pairing you top-tier players. Our mission is more than just helping you climb the ranks, complete challenges, and secure greater rewards; it's about refining your skills and molding you into a strategic game master.

We prioritize your account's security. With Duo Queue, there's no need for account sharing, ensuring a safe and exciting ascent in the Fortnite ranks.

In a nutshell, Duo Queue isn't just about improving your rank – it's about empowering you to master the game. It's not just a step up, it's a leap toward becoming a more skilled and strategic Fortnite player.


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Hands-On Learning Boost your skills and rank with a top-tier teammate.

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Safe & Secure Enjoy a thrilling and secure Fortnite journey without the need for account sharing.

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Credibility & Skill Development More than just a 'boost'; it's your own journey of skill development.

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High-Level Team Experience Team up with pros, gaining insights into high-level strategies.


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The best PRO teammates
Top 0.1% teammates with an average rating of 4.9 stars.
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No wait, start now
No waiting, average wait time under 2 minutes to play.
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100% safe and secure
Play with a teammate without any cheats, or hacks involved.
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Money back guarantee
Risk-free satisfaction: Money-back guarantee assured.
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Community first
Inclusive and supportive community of gamers.
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24/7 support services
We are always ready to help.


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Setup your account.
Login with Discord or email and add your in game name for the games you play.
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Choose a game and game mode.
The game mode determines what type of teammate we match with you. Modes vary by price, depending on teammate availability and other factors.
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After about 2 minutes* you will be matched and your new teammate will add you in-game (and optionally voice chat platform).

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to match with someone?

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You can see the live estimate under the game mode you’re interested in. Often, it’s under 2 minutes. Every order on TapIn is on-demand only. We don’t want to make you wait or schedule a game, ever. Your time is more valuable.

If I don’t like my teammate, can I change it to someone else?

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Yes! You will be given at least 1 complimentary re-roll every time you order. Re-rolls will send your order back in queue and be matched again, quickly, with someone new and better for you.

What if I lose my game?

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We cannot guarantee the outcome of your game as there are too many factors involved, including your own skill. However, most users get a much higher win rate using TapIn than without in our compete game mode. In hangout or chill mode, winning is generally not the goal.

What is your cancellation policy?

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If your order takes longer than 4 minutes to match, you are eligible to cancel your order for free with no penalty. If you are not satisfied with your teammate after your game, please contact us and we will try our best to either give you another game or find you a new teammate.

How do I recharge my balance?

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You can pay per game by charging your card automatically in your wallet or pre pay credits by buying them from our credits store. Currently, we offer bonus credits if you buy larger packages, starting at $50. We highly recommend buying credits if you play often.