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Wardstone Changes in LoL Patch 13.10: Midseason Update

League of Legends Patch 13.10 has arrived, and it brings significant changes to the Vigilant and Watchful Wardstone items. The Midseason Update is a major event in League of Legends that introduces new features and balance changes to the game. As always, players are eager to see what's in store for them with this update.

The bot lane is one of the most affected areas by the changes, as support players rely heavily on warding to protect their team. With the introduction of the new Vigilant Wardstone item, Jarvan IV, a popular support champion, benefits greatly from additional mana regen and movement speed. This allows him to stay on top of his enemies while keeping his allies safe.

Moonstone Renewer, Rageblade, Statikk Shiv, Prowler's Claw, and Ivern are among the other items that have received updates in Patch 13. These updates are designed to improve gameplay and give players more options when it comes to building their champions.

One of the most exciting changes in this patch is the update to the Watchful Wardstone item. Support players can now place more wards on the map than ever before, making it easier to track enemy movements and secure objectives. This change will undoubtedly have a significant impact on gameplay for both casual and competitive players alike.

Overview of LOL Patch 13.10: What You Need to Know

Wardstone: A Game-Changing Item

The Wardstone item has been overhauled in patch 13.10, and it's a game-changer for supports. The new Wardstone now has multiple tiers that can be upgraded by supports, providing different benefits such as increased vision range and the ability to clear enemy wards. This change is significant because it allows supports to have more impact on the game by providing better vision control, which is crucial for map awareness and objective control.

One of the most notable changes to the Wardstone is its reduced cost, making it more accessible for supports to purchase. This means that supports can get their hands on this essential item earlier in the game, allowing them to start controlling vision sooner. The new Wardstone tiers provide unique benefits that cater to different playstyles and team compositions.

For example, one of the new tiers provides an aura that increases ally movement speed when near allied turrets or structures. This benefit is particularly useful for teams with champions who excel at split-pushing or rotating around the map quickly. Another tier allows you to clear out enemy wards instantly when you place a ward nearby, which can be a huge advantage in terms of denying vision and catching out enemies.

Champion Changes: Meta Shifts Ahead

Patch 13.10 also brings significant changes to several champions in League of Legends. Some champions have received buffs while others have been nerfed, which will undoubtedly shift the meta in some way or another.

For instance, Rumble received a buff to his ultimate ability's damage output and cooldown reduction at later ranks. This change makes Rumble a more potent team fighter in mid-to-late game scenarios where he can deal massive amounts of damage with his ultimate ability.

On the other hand, Renekton received a nerf to his Q ability's healing effect when hitting non-champions targets. This change reduces Renekton's sustain during laning phase, making him more vulnerable to poke and all-ins from his opponents.

These changes will undoubtedly have an impact on the game's meta, and players will need to adjust their playstyle and strategies accordingly. It's essential to keep up with these changes if you want to stay ahead of the curve and climb the ranks in League of Legends.

Item and Rune Adjustments: More Variety

Patch 13.10 also introduces several adjustments to items and runes, providing players with more variety in terms of build paths and playstyles. For example, the Seeker's Armguard item has been adjusted to provide less armor but more ability power per stack. This change makes Seeker's Armguard a more viable option for AP champions who need some defensive stats during laning phase.

The Conqueror rune has been adjusted to provide less bonus adaptive force but more healing based on your champion's level. This change makes Conqueror a better option for champions who scale well into late game scenarios where they can benefit from increased healing.

These adjustments are significant because they allow players to experiment with different builds and playstyles, making League of Legends a more diverse and exciting game overall.

Item Changes in LOL Patch 13.10: ADC, Tank, and Fighter Items

ADC Items: Reduced Cost for Infinity Edge

The ADC items in LOL Patch 13.10 are undergoing minor changes, with the most significant being the reduction in cost for the Infinity Edge. This change is a welcome one for ADC players who rely on this item to deal critical damage to their opponents. With the reduced cost, players can now purchase this item earlier in the game and start dealing more damage sooner.

Other than that, there are no significant changes to other ADC items. However, it's important to note that even minor tweaks to these items can have a significant impact on gameplay. ADC players should keep an eye out for any changes and adjust their playstyle accordingly.

Fighter Items: Mix of Buffs and Nerfs

Fighter items are seeing a mix of buffs and nerfs in LOL Patch 13.10. Some items like Sterak's Gage have received a buff to its base AD scaling while others like Blade of the Ruined King have had their attack speed and on-hit damage reduced.

These changes will affect how fighters approach fights and engage with their opponents. For example, fighters who rely heavily on attack speed will need to adjust their builds accordingly after the Blade of the Ruined King nerf.

Tank Items: Largely Unchanged

Tank items are largely unchanged in LOL Patch 13.10, with only minor tweaks to items like Sunfire Cape and Thornmail. While these changes may not be as exciting as those made to other item categories, they still have an impact on how tanks play.

For example, Sunfire Cape's armor has been increased from 50 to 60, making it an even more effective item against physical damage dealers.

Lethality Items: Buffed

Lethality items have been buffed in LOL Patch 13.10, with Duskblade of Draktharr receiving a significant increase in attack damage and Umbral Glaive now granting more lethality. These changes will make lethality builds even more viable for players who prefer this playstyle.

Support Items: Significant Changes

Support items have undergone some significant changes in LOL Patch 13.10, with the removal of gold generation from Spellthief's Edge and the addition of new enchanter items like Staff of Flowing Water and Moonstone Renewer. These changes will affect how support players approach their role in the game.

The removal of gold generation from Spellthief's Edge means that supports will need to rely on other sources of income, such as assists and objectives, to generate gold. The addition of new enchanter items provides support players with more options when it comes to itemization.

Biggest Changes: Anathema's Chains and Homeguards Removed

The biggest changes to itemization come in the form of the new item component called "Anathema's Chains" which reduces incoming damage from enemy champions and turrets while also granting bonus movement speed towards enemy champions. This item component is a game-changer for tanks who want to engage with their opponents more effectively.

Homeguards have been removed from the game. This change may seem minor at first glance, but it has a significant impact on gameplay. Without Homeguards, players will need to adjust their playstyle when it comes to defending their base or making quick escapes.

Echoes of Helia: The New Mythic Item in LOL Patch 13.10

Mythic items are an essential part of League of Legends gameplay, providing unique abilities and bonuses to champions. With the release of Patch 13.10, a new mythic item has been introduced - Echoes of Helia. This item is designed to complement the Immortal Shieldbow, a popular legendary item that provides survivability and attack damage.

Bonus Magic Damage and Magic Resist

One unique passive ability that Echoes of Helia provides is bonus magic damage and magic resist. This makes it an ideal choice for champions who deal magic damage or need additional magic resist to survive against enemy teams with heavy magic damage dealers. This mythic item offers ability haste, which reduces the cooldown of abilities, making it an excellent option for champions like Aurelion Sol and Lillia who rely on their abilities to deal damage.

Evenshroud Passive Ability

Another benefit of Echoes of Helia is its passive ability called Evenshroud. This grants additional magic resist when near enemy champions, making it an excellent defensive option against teams with multiple magic damage dealers. By providing additional protection against magical attacks while also reducing ability cooldowns, Echoes of Helia can be a game-changer in team fights.

Competing with Other Popular Mythic Items

While Echoes of Helia is a new addition to the game, it competes with other popular mythic items like Divine Sunderer and Locket of the Iron Solari. However, its unique combination of bonus magic damage and resist along with ability haste makes it stand out among other options available in Legends Patch 13.10.

Radiant Virtue: A Case Study

To demonstrate how effective Echoes of Helia can be in-game, let's take a look at Radiant Virtue - a player who used this mythic item during their games as Aurelion Sol. In one match, Radiant Virtue was able to deal significant damage to enemy champions while also surviving longer in team fights due to the additional magic resist provided by Echoes of Helia's Evenshroud passive ability. This allowed Radiant Virtue to stay alive and continue dealing damage, ultimately leading their team to victory.

Knight's Vow and Imperial Mandate: New Additions to LOL Patch 13.10

Riot Games has introduced two new items in League of Legends Patch 13.10, namely Knight's Vow and Imperial Mandate. These items provide players with more options for item builds, especially when combined with other items such as Kraken Slayer, Navori Quickblades, Lord Dominik's Regards, Trinity Force, Mortal Reminder, Zeke's Convergence, and Infinity Edge.

Knight's Vow is a tank item that provides bonus armor, health, and movement speed to the user. It also allows the user to heal their ally when they take damage. This item is perfect for tanks who want to protect their allies while also being able to sustain themselves during team fights. The healing effect of Knight's Vow can be amplified by other support items like Zeke's Convergence or Ardent Censer.

Imperial Mandate is a mage item that deals bonus magic damage to enemies who have been immobilized or slowed by the user's abilities. It also grants ability power and mana regeneration. This item is perfect for mages who want to deal more damage while also providing some utility for their team. The bonus magic damage from Imperial Mandate can be amplified by other mage items like Rabadon's Deathcap or Luden's Tempest.

Combining Knight's Vow with Imperial Mandate can create a powerful duo that benefits both tanks and mages alike. Tanks can use Knight's Vow to protect their allies while mages can use Imperial Mandate to deal bonus magic damage to immobilized enemies caused by the tank's crowd control abilities.

Kraken Slayer is an excellent choice for marksmen who want to deal more damage against tanky opponents due to its passive effect that deals true damage based on the target's maximum health. Navori Quickblades is another great option for marksmen who want to reduce their ability cooldowns and gain critical strike chance. Lord Dominik's Regards is perfect for marksmen who want to deal more damage against heavily armored opponents.

Trinity Force is a versatile item that can be used by fighters, tanks, and marksmen alike due to its various stats such as attack damage, attack speed, ability haste, health, and mana. Mortal Reminder is an excellent option for fighters or marksmen who want to reduce the healing effects of their enemies. Zeke's Convergence is perfect for support champions who want to provide additional crowd control effects while also amplifying the healing effect of Knight's Vow.

Finally, Infinity Edge is a must-have item for any marksman due to its passive effect that increases critical strike damage. It also provides additional attack damage and critical strike chance.

Bug Fixes and Quality of Life Changes in LOL Patch 13.10

Champions Buffs and Adjustments

The latest patch for League of Legends, patch 13.10, brings several bug fixes and quality of life changes that improve the overall game experience. One of the most significant changes is the buffs and adjustments made to certain champions' abilities, stats, and effects. These changes make them more viable in the current meta, ensuring a more balanced gameplay experience.

For example, Riot has adjusted the lethality stat to provide more consistent damage output for champions who rely on it. This change ensures that these champions can deal reliable damage throughout the game without being too weak or too strong at any point.

Moreover, some champions have received buffs to their abilities and stats to make them more potent in specific roles or situations. For instance, Rumble's Q ability now deals additional damage to monsters, making him a better pick for jungle players who want a mage-like champion that can clear camps quickly.

Wardstone Upgrade Cost Reduction

Another significant change is the upgrade cost reduction of Wardstone. This item is crucial for support players as it provides vision control through wards placed on the map. However, its high price made it challenging for supports to purchase it early in the game.

With this update, Riot has reduced the cost of upgrading from Watchful Wardstone to Vigilant Wardstone from 1100 gold to 900 gold. This change makes it easier for support players to purchase this item earlier in the game while still having enough gold left over for other essential items like boots or potions.

Jungle Monsters Health and Damage Adjustment

In addition to champion buffs and item changes, Riot has also adjusted the health and damage of certain jungle monsters in patch 13.10. These adjustments reduce the time it takes for junglers to clear their camps effectively.

For instance, Krugs' health has been reduced by 5%, while its damage has been increased by 5%. This change ensures that junglers can clear Krugs faster without taking too much damage in return.

Release Date and What's Coming in LOL Patch 13.10

Upcoming Patch 13.10 Release Date

The much-awaited League of Legends patch 13.10 is set to release on May 26th, and players are eagerly waiting for its arrival. This patch brings significant changes to the game's wardstone item, which will now scale with the amount of ability power (AP) a player has. The changes to the wardstone are expected to have a significant impact on gameplay and strategy, particularly in high-level play.

Wardstone Changes

In this upcoming patch, the base stats of the wardstone will be reduced, but its effectiveness will increase as players gain more AP. It means that players who invest in AP items can expect their wardstones to become more potent as they progress through the game. This change is expected to shake up the current meta and create new strategies for players to explore.

Riot Games has stated that they will be closely monitoring the effects of these changes and making adjustments as necessary in future patches. It shows that Riot Games is committed to ensuring that all champions remain balanced while still allowing for exciting new gameplay experiences.

Impact on Gameplay

The changes made in patch 13.10 are expected to have a significant impact on gameplay, especially at higher levels of play. Players who rely heavily on vision control will need to adjust their strategies accordingly since wardstones' base stats will be lower than before.

However, it also means that players who build AP items can now benefit from increased vision control without sacrificing damage output or other essential stats. This change could lead to new champion builds and team compositions centered around maximizing AP gains.

Conclusion for League of Legends Patch 13.10: Wardstone Receiving Significant Changes in Midseason Update

The midseason update for League of Legends is bringing some major changes to the game, with wardstone receiving significant updates that will impact gameplay for champions across the board. The addition of new items such as Echoes of Helia, Knight's Vow, and Imperial Mandate will provide players with exciting new options to explore while playing their favorite champions.

One of the most significant changes in patch 13.10 is the update to wardstone. This item has been reworked to allow supports to gain additional benefits from purchasing it, including increased vision range and a bonus to ability power or attack damage based on how many wards they have placed. These changes should make it a more attractive option for supports who are looking to gain an edge in their matches.

In addition to these changes, there are also several other big changes coming in patch 13.10 that will impact different types of champions. ADCs will see updates to items like The Collector and Galeforce, while tanks will benefit from improved versions of items like Sunfire Aegis and Thornmail. Fighters can look forward to updated versions of items like Stridebreaker and Sterak's Gage.

One new item that players should be particularly excited about is Echoes of Helia. This mythic item provides a variety of benefits depending on which champion you're playing, making it a versatile choice for many different playstyles. It also gives players access to a powerful active ability that can turn the tide of battles when used correctly.

Finally, Knight's Vow and Imperial Mandate are two new additions that players should be sure not to overlook. Knight's Vow allows tanks and supports to protect their allies by taking damage for them, while Imperial Mandate provides mages with an extra source of damage when they apply crowd control effects.

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