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Ultimate High ELO Tier List Guide for Patch 13.12: Dominate SoloQ

Ever wondered what's shaking in the high elo tier list for 13.12? Well, buckle up because we're about to dive into it! This patch update is a game changer, seriously impacting how you'll play your favorite champions.

Understanding the high elo tier list isn't just for kicks—it's crucial to getting an edge on your opponents and mastering your gameplay strategy. We're not talking small potatoes here; these changes could be the difference between victory and defeat.

Of course, we can't ignore our top champs in this version—helia has some interesting twists up her sleeves that are worth exploring. And don't even get us started on the item alterations in this update—they're bound to cause a stir!

The changes brought by 13.12 aren't just cosmetic—they could fundamentally alter how you approach each match. So whether you're a seasoned pro or a newbie looking to level up, understanding these updates is key.

So sit tight as we delve into the nitty-gritty of the high elo tier list for 13.12—you won't want to miss this!

Best Solo Queue Champions

The Winning Warriors

Let's jump right into the thick of things. We're talking about the champions with the highest win rates in solo queue. These guys are like the Michael Jordan of League of Legends, always bringing their A-game.

  • First off, we have Orianna. This lady is a beast in mid-lane with her high burst damage and crowd control abilities. You know how Mike Tyson could knock out opponents with one punch? That's Orianna for you.
  • Then there's Rengar, a top-tier jungle pick. His ability to ambush enemies and take them down before they even realize what hit them makes him a real game-changer.
  • Finally, we've got Malphite who's rock-solid (pun intended) in the top lane. His tankiness combined with his ultimate can turn team fights around faster than you can say "ace".

Lone Rangers Rule

Now let's talk about champions that excel in individual play. In other words, these champs don't need no man...or woman...or yordle.

  • Once again, Orianna tops this list due to her ability to handle 1v1 situations effectively.
  • Rengar too holds his own here thanks to his stealth mechanics and high burst damage.
  • And let's not forget Malphite - he might be slow but he packs a punch.

Most Wanted List

Ever wondered who the most banned solo queue champions are? Well, wonder no more!

| Champion | Ban Rate |
| --- | --- |
| Rengar | 52% |
| Malphite | 47% |
| Orianna | 45% |

As you can see from this table, our three main champs feature prominently on this list too.

Jacks of All Trades

Lastly, let's discuss role versatility among our top picks. Versatility is like being able to dunk from anywhere on the court – it gives your team an edge.

  1. Orianna : She shines as both a mid-laner and support thanks to her utility skills.
  2. Rengar : He can dominate as either a jungler or top-laner depending on your team composition.
  3. Malphite : Primarily played as a top-laner but also viable as a support if needed.

So there you have it folks! A quick rundown on some of the best solo queue champions for patch 13.12 based on win rates, individual prowess, ban rates and role versatility. Remember though – while stats do matter at times; skill and experience are often what separate winners from losers!

Comprehensive High Elo Tier List

Champion Rankings Breakdown

Let's dive right into the nitty-gritty of this high elo tier list. We're talking about a comprehensive breakdown of all champion rankings for those top-tier players. You know, the ones who live and breathe this game and are always on the lookout for that edge to push them even further up the ranks.

So, what are we dealing with here? Well, let's start with the big guns in our tier list:

  • S-Tier: These are your cream of the crop champions. They've got power, they've got versatility, and they can turn a losing battle into a victory in no time flat.
  • A-Tier: A little less potent than their S-Tier counterparts but still packing enough punch to make a significant impact on any match.
  • B-Tier: Solid picks that have their strengths but may require more skill or strategy to utilize effectively.
  • C-Tier: Generally average across the board. Not bad by any means, but there might be better options depending on your playstyle.

Now you might be thinking "Alright, I get it. But what makes each champion fit into these tiers?" And that's where we get to our next point.

Strengths & Weaknesses Per Tier Level

Every champ has its day in the sun and its moment in the shade. That's just part of life in high elo play. So it's crucial to identify key strengths and weaknesses per tier level.

For example:

  1. S-Tiers excel at dealing damage while also having solid defensive capabilities.
  2. A-Tiers might not hit as hard or survive as long, but they bring utility skills that can swing fights in their favor.
  3. B-Tiers often have unique abilities or mechanics that can make them optimal choices under specific conditions.
  4. C-Tiers , while not necessarily excelling in any one area, offer balanced stats making them flexible picks for various situations.

Remember though, every patch brings changes so keep an eye out for those shifts!

New Entries Highlighted

Here's where things get interesting! Each update breathes new life into our high elo tier list with fresh faces shaking up established norms.

Did you hear about Yone making his way onto our list? Yep! With his dual-wielding swordplay and spirit-form shenanigans he's made quite an impression among higher-ranked players!

Then there's Seraphine - her crowd control abilities combined with her healing powers make her an asset worth considering when you're looking at support champs.

But hey! Don't take my word for it; try these newcomers out yourself!

Significant Rank Changes Discussion

Finally, let's chat about those rank changes from previous versions because boy oh boy were there some shake-ups!

Take Samira for instance – she was sitting pretty at A-tier last season but has taken quite a tumble down to C-tier due to some nerfs hitting her like a ton of bricks.

On the flip side though is Amumu – he was languishing down at C-tier previously but after some buffs he's shot up straight into S-tier territory!

These fluctuations highlight how dynamic high elo play can be - today's top pick could become tomorrow's forgotten hero (and vice versa).

There you have it folks: The comprehensive lowdown on our high elo tier list 13.12 version! Remember: Knowledge is power so use this info wisely!

Top Laners in High Elo Rankings

Best-Performing Champs

In the high elo tier list for 13.12, some top lane champions are just slaying it. Like a master chef who knows their ingredients, these champs have got the recipe for success down pat.

  • Ornn : With his exceptional laning abilities and tanky build, Ornn is a force to be reckoned with.
  • Rakan : His mobility and crowd control make Rakan a formidable opponent. He's like that annoying fly you can't swat away - always there, always buzzing.
  • Aatrox : Talk about bursty! Aatrox's damage output and sustain in lane make him a popular pick.

These champs aren't just good; they're the cream of the crop. They've got unique abilities that set them apart from the rest of the league.

Ornn, for example, has his passive ability 'Living Forge,' which allows him to craft items without returning to base. It's like having Amazon Prime in-game - talk about convenience!

Rakan's ultimate 'The Quickness' is another game-changer. It charms enemies on contact and increases his movement speed. It's like he's doing a deadly tango across the battlefield.

And let's not forget Aatrox with his 'World Ender' ultimate – turning him into an unstoppable monster capable of tearing through enemies like tissue paper at a sneeze fest.

Counter Strategies

Of course, every champ has their Achilles heel, even those at the top of their game. Here are some strategies you can use against these top laners:

  1. Against Ornn: Try poking him down before engaging in all-out combat.
  2. Against Rakan: Good vision control can help predict and dodge his engage.
  3. Against Aatrox: Grievous Wounds items can significantly reduce his healing capabilities.

Remember that knowledge is power – understanding your enemy's weaknesses gives you an upper hand in battle.

Sleeper Picks

Now let's talk about sleeper picks – champions that might not be mainstream but could still pack quite a punch if played correctly:

  • Yorick : This grave-digging champ may seem morbidly slow-paced but get him going, and he'll push lanes faster than Usain Bolt on steroids!
  • Urgot : He may look like something out of your worst nightmare but play him right, and you'll soon realize he's more beauty than beast!

So don't be afraid to think outside the box (or lane) sometimes – who knows? You might stumble upon your next favorite champion!

Low Elo vs High Elo Comparison

Champion Performance

Let's dive right into the heart of the matter: comparing champion performance between low and high elo tiers.

In low elo, it might feel like you're a hotshot if you can consistently rack up kills with a certain champion. But don't let that fool you! Just because a champion seems overpowered at lower levels doesn't mean they'll fare as well in high elo. Keep in mind, your enemies are also leveling up their game.

Take for instance, Master Yi. He's often viewed as an absolute beast in low elo games due to his ability to deal massive damage quickly. But when you climb up the ladder to high elo, he's not nearly as effective. Why? Simple: high-level players know how to counter him effectively and exploit his weaknesses.

On the flip side, champions that may seem underwhelming or even nerfed at lower levels can suddenly become viable powerhouses in higher ranks. Azir is one such example - he requires much more skill and strategic play, but once mastered, he can dominate games at high elo.

Game Strategy Differences

Next on our list is discussing differences in game strategy at different skill levels.

Low elo games tend to prioritize individual performance – getting those sweet kills and racking up damage – while neglecting team objectives like Dragon or Baron Nashor. It's all about personal glory here!

High elo games? A whole different ball game! Here, players understand that it's not just about who has the most kills or deals the most damage; it's about working together as a cohesive unit to control objectives and manipulate enemy movements.

For example:

  • In low elo, players might chase after an enemy for a potential kill instead of taking down an undefended turret.
  • In contrast, high elo players would likely prioritize securing the turret since it provides map control and gold for the entire team.

Champion Viability Across Ranks

Now let's talk about how champion viability varies across ranks.

Not all champions are created equal - some shine brighter than others depending on where they're played. The adjustments made by developers also play a crucial role here; buffing some champions while nerfing others based on their performances across various skill brackets.

To give you a better idea:

  • Champions like Amumu or Garen often perform well in low elos due to their straightforward mechanics.
  • On the other hand, champions such as Thresh or Zed require more skillful play but can be extremely rewarding when used effectively at higher ranks.

Common Misconceptions About Low vs High Elo Play

Lastly, we'll be highlighting common misconceptions about low vs high elo play.

One common myth is that time spent playing directly correlates with climbing up the ranks from low to high ELOs. Sure, practice makes perfect but remember this: quality trumps quantity every single time! You could grind out hundreds of games without improving if you're not actively learning from your mistakes and adjusting your strategies accordingly.

Another misconception is that only damage-dealing champions matter in carrying games. This couldn't be further from reality! Supportive roles are just as critical (if not more) in shaping outcomes of matches especially at higher elos where teamwork reigns supreme.

So there you have it folks! Remember these comparisons next time you step onto Summoner's Rift – whether you're battling it out in Bronze or aiming for Challenger glory!

Spotlight on God-tier Champions

The Unstoppable Forces

Let's cut to the chase. Think about the champs that leave you gobsmacked, standing in awe of their power and prowess. These are the legends that dominate games and have players scrambling for counters. They're not just any champions, they're god-tier.

  • Draven: This champ is a beast, wielding his spinning axes with deadly precision. His ability to output damage is second to none, making him a favorite pick among high elo players.
  • Seraphine: Don't let her enchanting tunes fool you; this champion can control the battlefield like no other. Her crowd control abilities are top-notch, making her an essential part of any team composition.
  • Ashe: A classic choice that never goes out of style. With her long-range attacks and slowing abilities, she can kite enemies around all day while dealing massive damage.

What makes these characters 'God-tier'? It's not just about raw power or flashy abilities; it's about how well they fit into the current meta-gameplay.

Meta-gameplay Masters

The term "meta" refers to effective strategies using these champions within the context of Riot Games' League of Legends. For example:

  1. Draven's aggressive playstyle synergizes perfectly with items like Trinity Force, allowing him to snowball early and carry games.
  2. Seraphine excels at setting up team fights with her ultimate ability, Encore. Paired with a well-coordinated team, she can turn the tide of battle in an instant.
  3. Ashe's Hawkshot provides invaluable vision control for her team, giving them an edge in map awareness.

But remember folks! Even god-tier picks have their counters.

Countering the Gods

No champ is invincible (despite what some Draven mains might tell you). Every legend has weaknesses that skilled players can exploit:

  • Draven struggles against champs who can poke him from afar or disrupt his axe-catching rhythm.
  • Seraphine is susceptible to assassins like Talon who can burst her down before she gets a chance to sing her swan song.
  • Ashe lacks mobility skills which make her an easy target for gap-closing bruisers and mages.

Knowing these counter-strategies gives you options when facing these dominant picks on your next game.


Alright, let's cut to the chase. The high elo tier list for 13.12 has been dissected, analyzed, and laid bare right here. Top laners have been ranked, God-tier champions have been highlighted and we've even thrown in a comparison between low and high elo.

Jax stands out in this patch with his superior skills and abilities. This champ is definitely one you should keep an eye on when playing solo queue games. He's your go-to guy if you're aiming for victory in the high elo rankings.

Remember, it's not just about knowing who the best champions are but also understanding how they can be used effectively in different situations. So don't just read this guide - use it! Try these champs out, test their limits, see what works for you.

And hey, don't forget to share your experiences with us! We'd love to hear about your epic wins (or hilarious fails). Let's keep this conversation going!

Happy gaming!


Q1: Is Jax a good champion for beginners?

Yes! Jax is relatively easy to learn and master which makes him perfect for beginners trying to climb up the ranks.

Q2: Which champions are considered god-tier?

God-tier champions are those that dominate their respective roles due to their powerful abilities or game presence. In 13.12 patch some of them include Jax, Darius and Fiora among others.

Q3: How often does the tier list change?

The tier list changes every time there's a new patch update from Riot Games which usually happens every two weeks.

Q4: Does playing with higher-ranked champions guarantee a win?

Not necessarily. While picking higher-ranked champions can give you an edge, winning ultimately depends on your skill level and strategy during gameplay.

Q5: What's the difference between low elo and high elo?

Elo refers to player ranking system where low elo indicates lower ranked players while high elo refers to top-ranked players.

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