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Ultimate High ELO Tier List for Patch 13.11: Dominate the Game

Are you ready to dominate the Summoner's Rift? With every new patch, adapting to changes is crucial for success in high elo games. In patch 13.11, we're focusing on the high elo tier list to help you climb Solo Queue and make the most of champion adjustments.

Mastering top picks is essential for anyone looking to climb the ranks in League of Legends. The impact of champion changes can't be underestimated, as they often shake up the meta and determine which champions rise to the top. So, what are you waiting for? Let's dive into patch 13.11 and discover how it affects high elo gameplay!

In this guide, we'll discuss the importance of adapting your playstyle according to patch updates while keeping a keen eye on the current tier list. We'll also provide tips on how to master those S-tier champions that are dominating high elo games right now.

Whether you're an experienced player or just starting your journey towards helia status, our insights will give you a competitive edge in Solo Queue during this particular patch cycle.

So buckle up, summoners! It's time to learn all about Patch 13.11's high elo tier list and start crushing your opponents on your way up the ladder!

League Meta: Best Champions Overview

Current Meta Analysis

The current meta in patch 13.11 is all about early game pressure, objective control, and strong team fighting. With the introduction of new items and balance changes, players must adapt to stay ahead of the competition. Let's dive into the current state of the meta:

  • Early game champions are dominating due to their ability to snowball leads.
  • Objective control is crucial for securing dragons, Rift Heralds, and Baron Nashor.
  • Team fighting has become more important as games tend to be decided by mid-game skirmishes.

Top-Tier Champions Identified

In this high elo tier list for patch 13.11, we've identified some of the strongest champions across all roles:

Top Lane

  • Darius: A lane bully with excellent dueling potential and a powerful ultimate.
  • Fiora: A split-pushing monster that excels at taking down isolated targets.
  • Camille: A versatile champion with high mobility and reliable engage tools.


  • Lee Sin: An early game playmaker with great mobility and gank potential.
  • Elise: An AP jungler with strong early pressure and pick potential.
  • Kha'Zix: An assassin that thrives on isolating enemies and picking them off one by one.

Mid Lane

  • LeBlanc: A mobile burst mage who excels at roaming and assassinating squishy targets.
  • Zed: The quintessential AD assassin with unmatched outplay potential.
  • Orianna: A safe control mage that brings utility, damage, and zone control to team fights.

Bot Lane (ADC)

  • Kai'Sa: A hyper carry with mixed damage output and self-peel capabilities.
  • Jhin: A long-range marksman known for his incredible burst damage and utility in fights.
  • Miss Fortune: An immobile but hard-hitting ADC with a devastating AoE ultimate.


  • Thresh: A playmaking support with strong engage, disengage, and pick potential.
  • Lulu: An enchanter that excels at buffing her allies and shutting down enemy assassins.
  • Leona: A tanky initiator who can lock down priority targets in team fights.

Role-Based Champion Strengths

Each role has its own set of strengths that contribute to the overall success of the team. Here's a breakdown of what each role should focus on:

  1. Top Lane : Winning lane matchups, applying split-push pressure, and joining team fights when necessary.
  2. Jungle : Securing early objectives, providing vision control, and ganking lanes to create advantages for their teammates.
  3. Mid Lane : Roaming to help other lanes, controlling vision around key objectives, and dealing significant damage in team fights.
  4. Bot Lane (ADC): Farming efficiently, positioning well in fights, and dealing consistent damage throughout the game.
  5. Support : Protecting their carries while also engaging or disengaging as needed during skirmishes and team fights.

Factors Affecting Rankings

Several factors come into play when determining the high elo tier list for patch 13.11:

  • Champion win rates across various ranks
  • Pick rates in both solo queue and professional play
  • The impact of recent balance changes on champion performance
  • Synergies with current meta strategies or popular champions

Win Rates and Pick Rates

A champion's win rate is an important indicator of their strength in the current meta. However, it's essential not to rely solely on this statistic when evaluating a champion's viability. High pick rates can also indicate a champion's popularity or perceived strength among players.

Here are some examples of champions with notable win rates or pick rates in patch 13.11:

| Champion | Role | Win Rate | Pick Rate |
| --- | --- | --- | --- |
| Darius | Top | 52.3% | 10.4% |
| Lee Sin | Jungle | 49. |

Top Picks for Climbing Solo Queue

S-tier Champions for Climbing

To climb the ranks in solo queue, it's essential to choose champions with high carry potential. The high elo tier list for patch 13.11 features several S-tier champions that can make a significant impact on your games:

  • Top Lane: Darius, Fiora
  • Jungle: Hecarim, Nidalee (check out our jungler tier list)
  • Mid Lane: Zed, Orianna
  • ADC: Kai'Sa, Jhin
  • Support: Leona, Lulu

These champions have strong laning phases, excellent scaling into the late game, and impactful teamfight presence.

Role-specific Recommendations

When selecting a champion based on your role in the game, consider these recommendations:

  1. Top Lane : Choose champions with strong split-pushing capabilities and dueling potential. Examples include Camille and Jax.
  2. Jungle : Opt for versatile junglers who can exert early pressure and excel at objective control. Some top picks are Lee Sin and Graves.
  3. Mid Lane : Look for control mages or assassins with good wave clear and roaming potential like Ahri or Talon.
  4. ADC : Prioritize hyper carries with reliable self-peel or escape mechanisms such as Xayah or Ezreal.
  5. Support : Select playmaking supports who can engage fights or provide peel for their carries like Alistar or Thresh.

Synergy with Team Compositions

Understanding how your chosen champion fits into your team composition is crucial when climbing solo queue:

  • For poke compositions, pick champions like Jayce (top), Zoe (mid), or Varus (ADC) who excel at sieging enemy structures from a safe distance.
  • In dive compositions, opt for champions such as Renekton (top), Katarina (mid), or Rakan (support) who can engage and eliminate high-priority targets.
  • For split-push compositions, select champions like Tryndamere (top), Twisted Fate (mid), or Shen (support) who can apply pressure on side lanes while the rest of the team stalls.

Counter-pick Strategies

When you have the opportunity to counter-pick your opponent in solo queue, consider these tips:

  1. Identify your opponent's champion weaknesses and pick a champion that exploits them.
  2. Choose champions with favorable matchups against popular meta picks, such as picking Malzahar into Kassadin.
  3. Consider champions with strong early game presence to shut down late-game scaling champions like Vayne or Nasus.

Adaptability and Versatility

In solo queue, adaptability and versatility are key factors for success:

  • Learn multiple champions within your role to avoid being banned out or countered in champ select.
  • Be prepared to switch roles if needed by having at least one "comfort pick" in each position.
  • Understand how different playstyles and strategies can affect your champion choice; for example, if your team lacks engage tools, consider picking a tanky top laner like Ornn instead of a carry-focused champion like Irelia.

By utilizing these talking points when selecting your champion in solo queue games, you'll be better equipped to climb the ranks and reach higher elo brackets with patch 13.11's high elo tier list. Remember always to adapt your playstyle based on your teammates' needs and enemy team composition for optimal results. Good luck on the Rift!

Top Lane Powerhouses in 13.11

Dominant Top Lane Champions

In patch 13.11, some top lane champions stand out as dominant forces, capable of changing the outcome of a game. These powerhouses excel at various aspects like split-pushing, tanking, and dueling. A few prime examples are:

  • Darius: With his high damage output and tankiness, he's a force to be reckoned with.
  • Fiora: Her mobility and dueling capabilities make her a nightmare for opponents.
  • Garen: The epitome of tanky initiators, Garen can absorb tons of damage while still dishing it out.

These champions have a significant impact on the game outcome due to their strengths in the top lane.

Split-Push Potential

One aspect that sets these top lane juggernauts apart is their ability to split-push effectively. This strategy involves applying pressure on one side of the map while your team focuses elsewhere, forcing opponents to respond or risk losing objectives.

For example:

  • Tryndamere: His ultimate ability allows him to dive turrets without fear of death, making it easy for him to take down structures quickly.
  • Jax: With his trinity force build and attack speed boosts from his passive ability, he can shred through turrets in no time.

Split-pushing can create space for your team and lead to crucial advantages during matches.

Tanky Initiators Role

Top laners often play an essential role as tanky initiators who engage enemies first in team fights. Their durability allows them to soak up damage while creating opportunities for teammates:

  1. Malphite: With his powerful ultimate ability that knocks up enemies in an area, Malphite can initiate fights from afar.
  2. Ornn: His crowd control abilities make him excellent at locking down opponents and setting up kills for allies.
  3. Sion: His passive ability allows him to continue fighting even after death, providing a significant distraction for enemies.

These tanky initiators can turn the tide of battle by absorbing damage and creating openings for their team.

Dueling Capabilities

Another factor that sets top lane powerhouses apart is their dueling prowess. These champions excel at 1v1 situations, often out-trading opponents and securing kills:

  • Camille: Her true damage output and mobility make her tough to deal with in duels.
  • Riven: With her high skill ceiling and combo potential, a skilled Riven player can dominate lane opponents.
  • Renekton: His sustain from his abilities and strong early game make him a formidable laner.

Being able to win duels consistently can lead to snowballing advantages and carry potential throughout the game.

Impact on Game Outcome

Top lane champions can have a considerable impact on the game's outcome due to their various strengths. Whether it's split-pushing, tanking, or dueling, these powerhouses help dictate the pace of the match:

  • Split-pushers force opponents to respond or risk losing objectives.
  • Tanky initiators create space for teammates during fights.
  • Duelists secure kills and snowball advantages.

By understanding each champion's strengths in patch 13.11's high elo tier list, players can select top laners that best suit their playstyle and contribute significantly to their team's success.

Mid Lane Dominators: High Elo

Burst Damage Dealers

In high elo games, burst damage dealers are essential for securing kills and gaining an advantage over the enemy team. These champions can quickly eliminate squishy targets, such as the enemy mid laner or jungler, allowing your team to capitalize on their absence.

  • Examples of burst damage dealers in mid lane include:

    • LeBlanc
    • Syndra
    • Veigar
    • Annie

These champions excel at delivering massive amounts of damage in a short time frame, often catching enemies off-guard and giving your team the upper hand.

Assassins vs Mages

When considering which champion to choose for high elo mid lane dominance, players often debate between assassins and mages. Both types have their advantages:

  1. Assassins :
  • High mobility
  • Strong burst damage
  • Excellent roaming potential
  • Can snowball early leads into game-winning advantages
  1. Mages :
  • Consistent ranged poke
  • Powerful crowd control abilities
  • Strong wave clear capabilities
  • Objective control through zoning tools like Anivia's wall or Orianna's ball

Ultimately, selecting between an assassin or mage comes down to personal preference and playstyle. However, it's crucial to consider how they fit into your team composition and match up against the enemy mid laner.

Roaming Potential

Roaming is a vital aspect of playing mid lane in high elo games. By leaving your lane to assist other lanes or invade the enemy jungler, you can create significant pressure across the map.

  • Some popular roaming champions include:

    • Talon (youmuu user)
    • Twisted Fate (with his ultimate)
    • Aurelion Sol (with his E ability)

To roam effectively:

  1. Push your minion wave into the enemy turret.
  2. Look for opportunities to roam when your enemy mid laner is missing or has backed.
  3. Coordinate with your jungler and other lanes to set up ganks and secure objectives.

Wave Clear Importance

Wave clear is essential in high elo mid lane matchups, as it allows you to maintain control over the minion waves and apply pressure on your opponent.

  • Champions with strong wave clear capabilities include:

    • Viktor (with his E ability)
    • Malzahar (with his voidlings)
    • Ahri (with her Q ability)

By clearing waves quickly, you can:

  • Force your opponent under their turret, making them lose farm.
  • Create opportunities for roams or invades by pushing the wave.
  • Maintain vision control around objectives like dragon or Rift Herald.

Objective Control

Objective control is crucial in high elo games, as securing dragons, Rift Heralds, and Barons can provide significant advantages for your team. Mid laners play a critical role in controlling these objectives through zoning tools and burst damage.

Examples of champions with strong objective control:

  • Anivia: Her wall can block off enemies from contesting objectives.
  • Orianna: Her ball provides vision and zoning potential around key areas.
  • Zoe: Her long-range poke can force enemies away from objectives or even secure kills if they're low health.

ADCs: Low and High Elo Choices

Hyper Carries vs Utility ADCs

When discussing the high elo tier list for patch 13.11, it's crucial to differentiate between hyper carry and utility ADCs. Hyper carries are champions with exceptional late-game scaling, while utility ADCs provide additional crowd control or supportive abilities to their team.

  • Hyper carries : These champions often have a weak early game but become unstoppable forces as they scale into the late game. Examples include:

    • Vayne
    • Kai'Sa
    • Jinx
  • Utility ADCs : These champions offer more than just raw damage output. They can contribute to their team in various ways through crowd control or supportive abilities. Examples include:

    • Ashe (with her global Hawkshot vision and Enchanted Crystal Arrow stun)
    • Sivir (with her Spell Shield and On The Hunt movement speed boost)
    • Varus (with his Chain of Corruption snare)

In general, hyper carries are better suited for high elo games where players can capitalize on their late-game potential, while utility ADCs are more reliable choices for lower elo games where teams may struggle to close out matches.

Laning Phase Strength

The laning phase is a critical period for any ADC since it determines how quickly they can accumulate gold and experience to scale into the mid-to-late game. In high elo games, strong laning phase champions like Lucian or Draven can dominate their opponents and snowball leads effectively.

However, in low elo games, players might not be able to capitalize on these early advantages as efficiently. Therefore, choosing an ADC with a safer laning phase like Ezreal or Caitlyn might be more appropriate.

Consider the following factors when assessing an ADC's laning phase strength:

  1. Poke potential: Champions with long-range poke abilities can harass opponents from a safe distance.
  2. Waveclear: Champions with strong waveclear can push waves quickly and create pressure on the enemy turret.
  3. Sustain: Champions with built-in sustain or lifesteal can stay in lane longer and minimize the risk of being forced to recall.

Scaling into Late Game

As mentioned earlier, hyper carry ADCs are known for their exceptional scaling into the late game. This is crucial in high elo games where players can coordinate effectively to protect and enable these champions to dish out massive damage during teamfights.

However, in low elo games, it's not uncommon for matches to be chaotic and uncoordinated. In such cases, picking an ADC that scales well but also has a decent early game presence might be more suitable. Examples include:

  • Tristana (with her passive increasing attack range as she levels up)
  • Xayah (with her Featherstorm ultimate providing self-peel)

Positioning and Kiting

ADCs rely heavily on positioning and kiting to maximize their damage output while staying safe from threats. High elo players are generally more adept at this skill, making champions like Vayne or Kai'Sa extremely potent when piloted by experienced players.

In lower elo games, however, players may struggle with proper positioning and kiting techniques. As a result, choosing an ADC with built-in mobility or self-peel abilities can be beneficial:

  • Ezreal (with his Arcane Shift providing a blink escape)
  • Caitlyn (with her 90 Caliber Net offering both a slow and a dash)

Teamfight Impact

ADCs play a pivotal role in teamfights as they're responsible for consistent damage output throughout the fight. High elo players excel at focusing priority targets while maintaining proper positioning, allowing them to maximize their impact during skirmishes.

On the other hand, low elo players may struggle with target prioritization or get caught out easily due to poor positioning. In such instances, utility ADCs with crowd control or supportive abilities can still contribute to their team's success even if their damage output is suboptimal.

Spotlight on Kog'Maw and Ezreal

Kog'Maw's Resurgence

Kog'Maw has made a huge comeback in the high elo tier list for patch 13.11, becoming a force to be reckoned with in the bot lane. This resurgence can be attributed to several factors:

  • Item builds optimization: The new itemization options have allowed Kog'Maw to become more effective in dealing damage while also providing some much-needed survivability. For instance, players have been experimenting with items like Kraken Slayer, Blade of the Ruined King, and Runaan's Hurricane.
  • Playstyle adjustments: High elo players are adapting their playstyle around Kog'Maw's strengths, such as his incredible late-game scaling and potent poke potential. By focusing on farming early game and positioning well during team fights, these players are able to maximize Kog'Maw's impact on the game.
  • Matchup considerations: With champions like Rengar, Evelynn, Nocturne, Fiora, Ryze, Janna, Sona, Jhin dominating the current meta in various roles and lanes; it seems that Kog'Maw is finding success by exploiting specific matchups where he can thrive.

Ezreal's Consistent Presence

Ezreal has always been a staple pick in high elo games due to his versatility and ability to adapt to different metas. In patch 13.11, he continues to maintain a strong presence for several reasons:

  • Item builds optimization: As one of the most adaptable ADCs in the game.
  • Playstyle adjustments: High elo players understand how important it is to capitalize on Ezreal's strengths, such as his strong early game poke and mobility. They often look for favorable trades in lane, use their Arcane Shift to dodge skill shots, and position themselves well during team fights.
  • Matchup considerations: While Ezreal can struggle against some champions like Jax or Graves who can close the gap quickly; he excels against others like Pyke or Sona who lack the tools to lock him down. This versatility allows him to be a consistent presence in high elo games regardless of the meta.

Item Builds Optimization

Both Kog'Maw and Ezreal have benefited from the recent changes to itemization options. Some popular builds include:

  1. Kog'Maw
  • Kraken Slayer: Provides bonus true damage on every third basic attack.
  • Blade of the Ruined King: Offers additional on-hit physical damage based on target's current health.
  • Runaan's Hurricane: Allows Kog'Maw to deal AoE damage with his basic attacks.
  1. Ezreal
  • Essence Reaver: Grants bonus critical strike chance and ability haste while also refunding mana on hit.
  • Duskblade of Draktharr: Provides lethality and a powerful slow effect that helps with kiting.
  • Immortal Shieldbow: Gives a shield when taking lethal damage, providing extra survivability in fights.

Playstyle Adjustments

To maximize their potential, high elo players are making key adjustments to their playstyle when piloting Kog'Maw or Ezreal:

  • Focusing on farming during the early game
  • Positioning well during team fights
  • Utilizing their abilities effectively for poke and wave clear
  • Capitalizing on power spikes from completed items

Matchup Considerations

Lastly, understanding matchups is crucial for success with these champions:

  • Favorable matchups: Kog'Maw thrives against immobile champions like Jhin, while Ezreal excels against squishy targets like Sona or Janna.
  • Unfavorable matchups: Kog'Maw struggles against assassins like Rengar or Evelynn, and Ezreal can have a hard time dealing with bruisers like Jax or Graves.

By taking these factors into account, high elo players are finding success with Kog'Maw and Ezreal in patch 13.11. So if you're looking to climb the ranks, be sure to give these champions a try!

Support Champions: Versatile Picks

Engage Supports Dominance

Engage supports have been dominating the high elo tier list for patch 13.11, making them a popular pick among players. These champions excel at initiating fights and setting up kills for their team. Some top-tier engage support champions include:

  • Rakan: With his ability to dash in and out of fights, this champ can create chaos on the battlefield.
  • Thresh: His hook-and-flay combo allows him to catch enemies off guard and secure easy kills.
  • Leona: Her tanky build and crowd control abilities make her a formidable force in team fights.

These champs provide excellent engage opportunities, allowing teams to capitalize on enemy mistakes and grab objectives with ease. Their presence can often be game-changing, especially when paired with strong carries.

In addition to their engage potential, these support champions offer valuable peel for their teammates. By locking down threats or creating space for their carries, they play a crucial role in ensuring victory.

Enchanter Supports Viability

While engage supports may dominate the current meta, enchanter supports still hold a place in high elo tier lists. These champions focus on buffing allies and providing utility through heals, shields, and crowd control effects. Some notable enchanters include:

  • Janna: Her ability to disengage fights with her tornadoes and ultimate makes her an excellent choice against aggressive compositions.
  • Soraka: With powerful healing abilities, she can keep her team alive through even the most intense battles.
  • Lulu: Her versatile kit offers buffs to both offensive and defensive stats while also providing crowd control options.

Enchanter supports shine when paired with hyper-carry ADCs that benefit from additional protection. They excel at keeping their teammates alive during extended skirmishes while also offering some form of crowd control to disrupt enemy engages.

Vision Control Importance

Vision control is essential in any game of League of Legends, and support champions play a significant role in establishing vision dominance on the map. By placing wards and clearing enemy vision, supports can help their team make informed decisions about objectives, rotations, and ganks.

In high elo games, the importance of vision control cannot be overstated. A well-warded map provides valuable information that can lead to successful plays or prevent potential disasters. Support players should prioritize purchasing control wards and upgrading their trinkets to ensure maximum vision coverage.

Peel and Protection Roles

Support champions are often tasked with peeling for their carries by providing protection from enemy threats. This can take many forms, such as crowd control abilities or healing/shielding effects. Engage supports like Leona or Thresh excel at locking down enemies, while enchanters like Janna or Soraka focus on keeping allies alive through heals and shields.

Peeling is especially crucial in high elo games where assassins like Talon may roam the map looking for easy kills on vulnerable carries. A good support player will recognize these threats and position themselves accordingly to protect their teammates.

Roaming Support Impact

Roaming supports have a unique impact on the game by leaving their lane to assist other areas of the map. Champions like Bard or Pyke excel at roaming due to their mobility options (magical journey/ghostwater dive) and strong ganking potential.

Roaming supports can create pressure in other lanes by helping secure kills, assisting with jungle invades, or providing vision around key objectives. This playstyle requires excellent map awareness and communication with teammates but can lead to significant advantages when executed correctly.

Mobalytics Predictions Insights

Data-driven tier lists

Mobalytics is a platform that uses data-driven insights to create tier lists for League of Legends players. These tier lists are based on various factors, such as champion performance tracking and trends across patches. By using these insights, high elo players can better understand the current meta and which champions are the strongest in patch 13.11.

  • Top-tier champions in the current meta include:

    • Top lane: Darius, Wukong, Garen
    • Jungle: Elise, Rek'Sai, Zac
    • Mid lane: Talon, Katarina, Zed
    • Bot lane: Kai'Sa, Jhin, Aphelios
    • Support: Thresh, Blitzcrank, Leona

These champs have high win rates and are frequently picked or banned in games due to their impact on the map and overall game outcome.

Champion performance tracking

One of the key factors that Mobalytics takes into account when creating their tier lists is champion performance tracking. This involves analyzing various stats such as pick rate, ban rate, win rate and more for each champ. By doing so, they can determine which champs are performing well in the current patch and deserve a spot on the high elo tier list for patch 13.11.

For example:

  • Darius has a high win rate due to his strong laning phase and ability to snowball leads.
  • Elise is popular in high elo games because of her early game pressure and strong ganking potential.
  • Talon's lethality build allows him to burst down squishy targets quickly while also providing map control with his ult's speed boost.

Trends across patches

Another aspect that Mobalytics considers when creating their tier lists is how champs perform over several weeks or even months. By looking at trends across patches rather than just focusing on one single patch, they can provide a more accurate representation of the current meta.

Some examples of trends that have been observed in recent patches include:

  • The rise in popularity of lethality builds for AD assassins such as Talon and Zed.
  • The increasing prevalence of tank supports like Leona and Thresh, who can engage fights and peel for their carries.
  • Changes to itemization, such as the buffs to crit items, which have made champs like Jhin and Aphelios more viable in the bot lane.

Future patch predictions

Mobalytics doesn't just focus on the present; they also make predictions about how upcoming patches might affect the meta. By analyzing data from PBE (Public Beta Environment) updates and taking into account community feedback, they can make educated guesses about which champions might rise or fall in popularity with future changes.

For instance, if an upcoming patch includes significant nerfs to a popular champion like Darius, Mobalytics might predict that his win rate will drop and he'll become less dominant in high elo games. Conversely, if a champ receives buffs or quality-of-life improvements, they could see a surge in popularity and performance.

Community feedback integration

Finally, Mobalytics incorporates community feedback into their tier list creation process. By engaging with players through social media platforms like Reddit and Twitter, they gather input on champ performance from those who are actively playing at high elo levels. This allows them to validate their data-driven findings with real-world experiences from skilled players.

Examples of community feedback that has influenced past tier lists:

  • Players expressing frustration over facing certain champs due to their oppressive playstyles (e.g., Darius top lane).
  • Discussions around specific item builds or strategies that have proven successful for certain champs (e.g., lethality build on Talon).

Patch 13.11 Updates and Revisions

Champion Buffs and Nerfs

Patch 13.11 brought a bunch of changes to the high elo tier list, with some champions getting buffed while others got nerfed. Let's dive into these updates:

  • Champion Buffs : Some champs received buffs that made them stronger in this patch, allowing them to climb up the tier list. These include:

    • Example 1: Increased damage on Q ability
    • Example 2: Reduced cooldown time for W ability
    • Example 3: Improved healing from passive
  • Champion Nerfs : On the flip side, certain champs were hit with nerfs that weakened their position in the high elo tier list:

    • Example A: Decreased base health
    • Example B: Lowered damage output on E ability
    • Example C: Longer cooldown times for ultimate ability

These changes echo throughout the high elo games as players adjust their strategies accordingly.

Item Changes Impact

Item adjustments also play a significant role in shaping the meta for patch 13.11. With new items introduced and existing ones tweaked, players need to rethink their item builds:

  • New Items : Fresh additions to the game force players to experiment with different build paths.
  • Item Buffs : Certain items got buffed, making them more attractive options for specific champions or situations.
  • Item Nerfs : Conversely, some items were nerfed, causing players to reconsider whether they're still worth including in their builds.

The impact of these item changes can be seen in how quickly champions rise or fall within the high elo tier list.

Rune Adjustments

Rune adjustments are another factor contributing to shifts in the meta during patch 13.11:

  1. Some runes received buffs that make them more appealing choices for certain champion archetypes.
  2. Others were nerfed, leading players to reevaluate their rune pages and look for alternative options.
  3. Indirect changes also occurred due to the interactions between runes and other game elements, such as items or champion abilities.

These adjustments can significantly impact the high elo tier list, as champions that synergize well with specific rune setups might become more powerful or lose some of their edge.

Indirect Champion Effects

Sometimes, a champion's position in the high elo tier list can change without any direct modifications to their kit. This happens when other factors in the game shift:

  • Champion Synergies : If a champ synergizes well with another who received buffs or nerfs, they might indirectly benefit or suffer from those changes.
  • Counter Picks : A champion's viability can also be affected by how effective they are at countering popular picks in the current meta.
  • Item/Rune Interactions : As mentioned earlier, item and rune adjustments can have indirect consequences on certain champions' power levels.

These indirect effects add another layer of complexity to the ever-evolving high elo tier list for patch 13.11.

Meta Shifts Due to Updates

All these updates combined lead to significant shifts in the meta for patch 13.11:

  • New strategies emerge as players adapt to champion buffs/nerfs and item/rune changes
  • Certain playstyles might become more dominant while others fall out of favor
  • The high elo tier list is constantly evolving as players discover new ways to exploit these updates

So what does this mean for you? Stay informed about all these changes and adjust your gameplay accordingly! Keep an eye on how top-tier players adapt their strategies and learn from them. By staying up-to-date with patch 13.11's updates and revisions, you'll be better equipped to climb that high elo ladder!

Mastering Solo Queue with Top Picks

Champion Mastery Importance

To climb the high elo tier list for patch 13.11 in solo queue, it's crucial to have a deep understanding of your chosen champions. Knowing their strengths, weaknesses, and how to play them effectively can make all the difference in your performance.

  • Focus on mastering a small pool of champions
  • Learn each champion's abilities and combos
  • Understand optimal item builds and runes for each champion
  • Study favorable and unfavorable matchups

By narrowing down your champion pool, you'll be able to dedicate more time to learning the ins and outs of each character. This will ultimately lead to better decision-making during games and increased chances of winning.

Adapting to Teammates

Solo queue can be unpredictable, so being adaptable is key when trying to rise through the ranks. You never know what kind of playstyle or skill level your teammates may have, so it's important to adjust accordingly.

  • Be prepared to fill multiple roles if needed
  • Communicate with teammates about preferred positions
  • Learn how to synergize with different types of champions
  • Identify strengths and weaknesses within your team composition

Being flexible in solo queue will allow you to work more cohesively with your team. This not only improves overall morale but also increases your chances of securing victories.

Communication and Shot-calling

In solo queue, communication is often overlooked but can greatly impact the outcome of games. Effective shot-calling can help guide your team towards objectives and secure wins.

  1. Use pings effectively: Alert teammates about enemy movements or request assistance.
  2. Communicate plans: Share strategies or call out objectives.
  3. Provide useful information: Update teammates on summoner spell cooldowns or item power spikes.
  4. Encourage positive reinforcement: Praise good plays and maintain a supportive attitude.

Remember that clear communication can make all the difference between victory or defeat in solo queue.

Objective Prioritization

Knowing when and how to prioritize objectives is crucial for climbing the high elo tier list in patch 13.11. Proper objective control can provide your team with gold, experience, and map pressure.

  • Focus on securing early dragons for stacking buffs
  • Prioritize Rift Herald for additional turret pressure
  • Contest Baron Nashor when it's safe to do so
  • Push lanes to create map pressure and vision control

By focusing on these objectives, you'll be able to snowball leads and increase your chances of winning games in solo queue.

Consistency in Performance

Lastly, maintaining a consistent level of performance is key to climbing the ranks. This means playing at your best consistently while minimizing mistakes.

  • Practice regularly: Dedicate time each day or week to improve your skills.
  • Warm-up before playing ranked games: Play a normal game or practice tool session to ensure you're ready.
  • Review your gameplay: Analyze replays or use third-party tools like OP.GG or Mobalytics.
  • Set realistic goals: Track your progress and aim for gradual improvement.

By focusing on consistency, you'll increase your chances of performing well in each game and ultimately climb the high elo tier list for patch 13.11.

Conquer High Elo in 13.11

In patch 13.11, you'll find a variety of champions that can help you dominate your games and climb the ranks in high elo. From top lane powerhouses to versatile support picks, there's something for every role.

Top picks for climbing solo queue include strong and reliable champions like Kog'Maw and Ezreal, who have been making waves in both low and high elo games. In the mid lane, you'll want to look out for dominant champs that can control the game from start to finish.

ADCs should focus on their positioning and farm while keeping an eye on Kog'Maw and Ezreal as they continue to shine in this patch. Support players will appreciate the versatility of champs like Thresh, Blitzcrank, or Rakan who can adapt to any situation.

Mobalytics predictions insights show that mastering these top picks can greatly improve your chances of winning games in high elo. So pay close attention to patch 13.11 updates and revisions as they may impact champion performance.

Now it's time for you to take action! Practice with these recommended champs, refine your skills, and get ready to conquer high elo in patch 13.11!


What are some top picks for climbing solo queue in patch 13.11?

Some top picks include Kog'Maw, Ezreal, Thresh, Blitzcrank, and Rakan due to their strength and versatility across different situations.

Which ADCs should I focus on for both low and high elo games?

Kog'Maw and Ezreal are two ADCs that have been performing well in both low and high elo games during this patch.

How do Mobalytics predictions insights help me improve my gameplay?

Mobalytics predictions provide data-driven insights into champion performance trends which can help you make informed decisions about which champions to prioritize when climbing the ranked ladder.

Are there any specific mid lane champions that dominate in high elo games?

Mid lane dominators like Syndra, Orianna, and LeBlanc can control the game from start to finish and are great choices for high elo games.

How do patch updates and revisions impact my gameplay?

Patch updates can introduce buffs or nerfs to certain champions, which may affect their performance in-game. It's essential to stay updated on these changes so you can adapt your champion pool and strategies accordingly.

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