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New Valorant Agent Clove: Sage & Astra's Best Traits Combined

80% of Valorant players agree that the key to winning is choosing the right agent. Enter Clove, the latest addition to the Valorant roster, blending the best elements of Sage and Astra into a powerhouse that's shaking up the meta. With abilities that promise both strategic depth and raw power, Clove isn't just another character; she's a game-changer. Whether you're looking to lock down sites with unparalleled control or support your team with life-saving skills, understanding why Clove stands out is crucial for anyone aiming to climb the ranks in Valorant.

Key Takeaways

  • Clove combines the best aspects of Sage and Astra, offering a unique blend of defensive and strategic abilities that can significantly impact gameplay.
  • Players can enhance their team's performance by mastering Clove's abilities, which allow for both healing and area control, making her a versatile addition to any team.
  • Effective strategies with Clove involve utilizing her abilities to control the battlefield, support teammates, and disrupt enemy plans, demonstrating her value in both offensive and defensive scenarios.
  • Understanding Clove's gameplay mechanics is crucial for leveraging her full potential, as it enables players to effectively blend her healing capabilities with strategic area control.
  • Clove's introduction to the Valorant meta suggests a shift towards more flexible team compositions, where a single agent can fulfill multiple roles, enhancing team strategies and competitive dynamics.
  • Analyzing Clove's strengths and weaknesses is key to integrating her into existing team strategies and making the most out of her competitive impact in Valorant matches.

Clove's Unique Abilities

Vision Control

Clove's Ruse ability takes vision control to a new level. It combines Astra's cosmic insight with Reyna's predatory instincts. Players can deploy decoys that confuse enemies, making them second-guess their moves. This strategic advantage allows teams to reposition or strike unexpectedly.

Ruse proves invaluable in tight situations. It forces opponents to waste resources on false targets. This clever manipulation of the battlefield sets Clove apart as a master tactician.

Area Denial

Meddle, another of Clove's abilities, excels in area denial. Drawing from Viper’s toxic screen and Astra’s gravitational pull, it creates zones that are perilous for enemies to traverse. These areas not only slow down advances but also chip away at health, pressuring foes to retreat or risk elimination.

Teams can use Meddle to secure objectives or block key paths. Its versatility makes it a game-changer during critical moments of play.

Sustain Support

Pick-me-up offers sustain support reminiscent of Sage’s healing touch but with a twist. Clove can boost allies’ morale by providing temporary health boosts and speed enhancements. This ability shines in prolonged engagements, where it can turn the tide by allowing teammates to outlast their adversaries.

The strategic deployment of Pick-me-up can revive a team’s momentum. It encourages aggressive plays and daring rescues, reinforcing Clove’s role as a guardian angel on the battlefield.

Posthumous Play

Not Dead Yet is perhaps Clove’s most groundbreaking ability, blending elements of resurrection and posthumous control seen in none other before her. Allies revived by Not Dead Yet return with full capabilities for a brief period, enabling them to make crucial plays even after being taken down.

This ability has profound implications for competitive play. It can disrupt enemy strategies and create opportunities for dramatic comebacks. Teams must strategize around the possibility of facing revived opponents, adding an extra layer of complexity to matches.

Sage and Astra Fusion

Vision Block

Clove's abilities to obscure vision draw direct inspiration from Astra's cosmic smokes. These smokes have been a game-changer, allowing teams to take control of key areas by blocking enemy sightlines. Clove elevates this concept with her unique twist on vision obstruction. Her skills not only block the view but also create a sense of unpredictability for the opponents. This fusion brings a new layer of strategy to the game.

Her techniques force enemies to hesitate, providing her team with valuable seconds to reposition or strike. This strategic depth mirrors Astra's impact on gameplay but with an added element of surprise.

Area Denial

Clove's area-denying capabilities are reminiscent of Sage's barriers but with a broader application. While Sage can block off entrances or choke points, Clove extends this utility across larger zones. This ability not only prevents enemy movement but can also strategically funnel opponents into less advantageous positions.

The hybrid use of these powers enables Clove to control the battlefield in ways previously unseen. Teams can leverage her skills for both defense and offense, making her presence on the field highly versatile and impactful.

Healing Synergy

Clove's healing abilities tie back to Sage’s role as a healer but are amplified through strategic environmental control akin to Astra's spatial manipulation. This synergy allows for dynamic support that adapts to the flow of battle. Whether it’s healing allies in critical moments or using environmental control for protection during recovery, Clove embodies a dual-purpose agent who can sway the tide of battle.

Her capacity to blend healing with tactical advantage underlines the innovative design philosophy behind her creation. It showcases a commitment to enhancing team support through multifaceted abilities.

Design Philosophy

The decision to combine defensive strategies from Sage with strategic elements from Astra into one agent reflects a sophisticated design philosophy. It underscores an intention to create characters that offer more nuanced roles on the battlefield. Clove represents this evolution, offering teams enhanced support through her hybrid abilities.

This approach not only enriches gameplay but also encourages players to think more critically about their strategies and how they utilize their agents' capabilities in various scenarios.

Clove's Gameplay Mechanics

Risk-Reward Ult

Clove's ultimate ability is a game-changer, demanding players to weigh their options carefully. It embodies the essence of risk-reward gameplay. This power requires a strategic sacrifice, either from Clove or her teammates, to unleash its full potential. The ult creates a zone where enemies are significantly weakened, but activating it means putting something valuable on the line.

Players must decide the right moment to deploy this ability. Its success can swing rounds in their favor but misjudging the situation could lead to wasted opportunities or even turn the tide against them. This delicate balance encourages thoughtful play and teamwork.

Proactive Playstyle

Clove’s kit is designed for those who favor a proactive approach to area control. Her abilities allow players to seize control of key points on the map and force opponents into unfavorable positions. For instance, one of her skills can block off pathways or create new angles of attack, similar to how Sage can with her wall but with added mobility akin to Astra's astral form.

This versatility demands bold decision-making from players. They need to anticipate enemy movements and counteract them before they happen. Success with Clove hinges on understanding the flow of the game and taking decisive action to benefit your team.

Lifesteal Mechanic

One of Clove's most intriguing abilities is her lifesteal skill, which lets her regain health by dealing damage to opponents. This mechanic significantly enhances her sustainability in fights, allowing for aggressive plays that would be risky for other agents. It also adds an extra layer of strategy; engaging at the right time can turn an otherwise losing battle into a victory.

The lifesteal effect not only helps Clove stay alive longer but also pressures enemies to reconsider engaging her directly. Knowing that she can recover health through combat changes how opponents must approach fights against her, often forcing them to use resources or strategies they wouldn't otherwise employ.

Effective Strategies with Clove

Area Denial

Clove's unique abilities make her a powerhouse for controlling the battlefield. By using her skills in tandem, players can effectively lock down objectives and choke points.

One effective tactic involves deploying Clove's gravity well to pull enemies into a specific area. Immediately after, unleash her slow field to hinder their movement drastically. This combination not only makes it difficult for opponents to advance or retreat but also sets them up as easy targets for your teammates.

Timing is crucial. Deploy these abilities when you anticipate enemy movement or when they're already committed to a push. This maximizes the disruption caused and can swing the momentum of a round in your favor.

Resurrection Disruption

Clove's resurrection ability isn't just about bringing back fallen allies; it's a strategic tool that can disrupt enemy plans and secure critical advantages.

For maximum impact, time the resurrection during intense firefights or immediately after an enemy has expended significant resources to take down a key teammate. This not only brings back valuable firepower but also forces the enemy to adjust their strategy on the fly, often leading to confusion and mistakes.

Consider positioning as well. Reviving a teammate in a safe location allows them to re-enter the fray with full capabilities, whereas a risky revive might waste this powerful ability.

Aggressive Plays

Clove's haste and temporary health boost are perfect for executing aggressive plays or making strategic retreats at critical moments.

Use her speed increase to flank enemies or quickly take control of strategic points before the opposition can react. The temporary health boost ensures you can survive encounters that would otherwise be lethal, allowing for bold moves that can catch enemies off guard.

Alternatively, these abilities are invaluable for retreating from unfavorable situations. If caught out of position or outnumbered, use Clove's haste to make a swift escape, regrouping with your team instead of giving up an easy kill.

Clove in Valorant Meta

Strategic Shift

Clove's introduction into Valorant brings a fresh dynamic to the competitive scene. Her hybrid abilities, borrowing from both Sage and Astra, position her as a pivotal agent for teams seeking a more strategic, risk-based gameplay approach. With her ability to control areas and provide support simultaneously, teams might now prioritize strategies that leverage these dual capabilities to outmaneuver opponents.

Her toolkit encourages players to think several steps ahead, making pre-match planning and in-game adaptability more crucial than ever. This shift could lead to matches where the focus is not solely on gunplay but also on how effectively a team can utilize Clove's unique skill set to control the flow of the game.

Team Composition

The versatility of Clove's abilities has the potential to reshape team compositions in competitive Valorant matches. Previously, teams had to choose between an agent that excels in area control or one that provides substantial support. Clove's dual nature allows for new compositions that can adapt on the fly without sacrificing either capability.

This flexibility means that teams might experiment with running fewer controllers or duelists, instead relying on Clove to fill gaps as needed. It opens up space for more varied strategies and counter-strategies, as opposing teams will have to consider how to neutralize Clove's impact on the game without knowing exactly how she'll be utilized in any given round.

Balance Impact

The addition of Clove poses interesting questions regarding the balance between different agent roles within Valorant. By combining aspects of both controllers and duelists, she challenges the traditional role definitions and may lead to discussions about how agents are categorized and balanced.

If Clove proves too effective at fulfilling multiple roles, it could prompt a reevaluation of what each agent should bring to a team. Conversely, if her jack-of-all-trades nature makes her less effective than specialists in any single role, it might highlight the importance of having dedicated agents for specific functions. Either outcome will undoubtedly influence future agent design and balance updates.

Analyzing Clove's Strengths

Battlefield Influence

Clove's unique capabilities allow her to dominate the game, both when she's in the fray and even after she's taken out. Her toolkit provides a persistent presence on the battlefield, a feature that sets her apart from other agents. This means her team can continue to benefit from her abilities, ensuring control over crucial areas of the map.

Her skills do more than just damage; they create opportunities and safeguard positions. This dual-purpose utility makes her an invaluable asset in any team composition. Players have noted how Clove's abilities can turn the tide of an encounter, showcasing her influence across various scenarios.

Strategic Depth

Clove introduces a level of strategic depth that rewards creative play and tactical foresight. Her versatile kit supports multiple playstyles, allowing teams to adapt their strategies mid-game seamlessly. Whether it’s aggressive pushes or defensive holds, Clove has something in her arsenal for every situation.

Teams can leverage her abilities to craft elaborate setups or execute simple yet effective tactics. This versatility encourages players to think outside the box, blending traditional strategies with innovative approaches that exploit Clove’s unique strengths.

Disruptive Tactics

One of Clove’s standout strengths is her ability to disrupt enemy movements and secure advantageous positions. Through smart use of her abilities, players can funnel opponents into traps or force them into unfavorable engagements. This capacity for disruption is pivotal in Valorant, where positioning and map control often determine the outcome of rounds.

Her toolkit not only hampers enemy advances but also opens up new avenues for her team. By creating space and dictating the flow of battle, Clove ensures that her team always has the upper hand in engagements.

Mastering Clove's Abilities

Timing Smokes

Clove's smoky barriers can turn the tide of a match. Players must learn the art of timing these abilities. Deploy them as enemies push or to cover a retreat. It's not just about blocking vision but also creating confusion.

Practice makes perfect. Start in custom games to understand how long smokes last. Then, apply this knowledge in real matches. Remember, unexpected smoke can disrupt enemy plans and secure your team an advantage.

Placing Decay

Decay zones are Clove's bread and butter for area denial. Placement is key here. Aim for choke points or bomb sites. This forces opponents into tough decisions: wait it out or risk health for positioning.

Experiment with angles and surfaces for decay zones. They should cover wide areas and common entry points. This maximizes their impact, making it difficult for enemies to bypass without taking damage.

Lifesteal Usage

Clove's lifesteal ability isn't just about survival; it's strategic. Use it during skirmishes where you're sure to land shots. It turns duels in your favor, giving you a health boost when you need it most.

Also, consider your teammates' positions before engaging with lifesteal. If they can cover you, you're more likely to succeed and escape unscathed.

Resurrection Tactics

Resurrecting teammates is a game-changer but requires thought. Don't rush to use it at the first opportunity. Assess the situation—is the area safe? Will resurrecting now offer a tactical advantage?

etimes, holding onto resurrection until later rounds can have a more significant impact, especially in tight matches where every player counts.

Experimentation Encouraged

Each map offers unique opportunities for Clove's abilities. Experimentation is crucial. Try different strategies in various map areas to discover what works best.

For instance, narrow corridors on some maps are perfect for decay zones, while open spaces might benefit more from strategic smokescreens and lifesteal engagements.

Clove's Competitive Impact

Ranking Shake-Up

Clove's introduction into Valorant is set to revolutionize competitive rankings. Her unique blend of Sage's healing capabilities and Astra's spatial control offers teams a new tactical edge.

With her abilities, Clove can significantly alter the flow of a match, making it crucial for teams to adapt quickly. Those who master her skills could see a swift rise in their standings. Conversely, teams slow to integrate Clove into their strategies might find themselves at a disadvantage.

Strategy Adaptation

Teams will face both challenges and opportunities as they adjust their playstyles to incorporate Clove.

Her dual role as a healer and controller forces opponents to rethink their approach to engagements. Teams now have the chance to develop innovative strategies that leverage her versatile skill set. However, this adaptation period may also expose weaknesses in less flexible teams, highlighting the importance of strategic depth in competitive play.

Must-Pick or Must-Ban

Given her potential impact on the game, Clove could quickly become a must-pick or must-ban agent in tournaments.

Her ability to disrupt enemy formations while providing critical support to allies makes her an invaluable asset on any team. This dual threat may lead to Clove dominating pick and ban phases in professional matches, forcing teams to develop counter-strategies specifically for her.

Enhancing Team Strategies

Objective Control

Clove's unique abilities offer unparalleled advantages in controlling objectives. Her kit allows teams to secure sites more effectively, whether attacking or defending. On offense, Clove can utilize her abilities to clear common hiding spots, forcing defenders into unfavorable positions. This makes it easier for her team to take control of a site.

Defensively, Clove's toolkit shines by delaying opponents' pushes. She can place her utilities strategically to slow down attackers or even halt their progress entirely. This gives her teammates time to rotate and provide backup. The key here is anticipation and placement precision.

Team Fights

In team fights, Clove acts as a force multiplier. Her ability to provide both healing and tactical advantages means she can turn the tide of any skirmish. For example, using her abilities to isolate enemies or protect teammates can create opportunities for easy picks.

Her versatility also means that she fits into various compositions, adapting to the needs of the team whether they require more sustain or control. Teams should practice coordinating their attacks with Clove's abilities to maximize their impact on enemy formations.

Communication Coordination

The effectiveness of Clove's kit in a team setting hinges on effective communication and coordination. Teams need to discuss strategies around Clove's abilities ahead of time and adapt on the fly as situations change. Players must communicate when they need healing or when they plan to engage so Clove can position herself accordingly.

This level of teamwork requires practice but pays off by enhancing the overall synergy between teammates. It turns individual plays into coordinated assaults that are much harder for opponents to counter.


Clove combines the best of Sage and Astra, making her a game-changer in Valorant. With unique abilities that blend healing with strategic control, she ups the ante for team play and strategy. Your mastery of Clove's abilities can significantly impact your team's success, offering new ways to dominate the battlefield. Whether it's holding down sites or creating advantageous positions, Clove adds depth to your team's playbook. She's not just another agent; she's a fusion of strengths that can redefine matches.

Dive into Clove's gameplay and see how her toolkit can enhance your strategies. Embrace her potential to shake up the Valorant meta and bring fresh tactics to your squad. Ready to level up your game? Start integrating Clove into your lineup and witness the dynamic shift in your playstyle. Let's hit the ground running and make every match count with Clove by your side.

Frequently Asked Questions

What unique abilities does Clove have in Valorant?

Clove combines elements of Sage's healing and Astra's spatial control, offering a unique blend of support and area denial capabilities. This makes her a versatile agent on the battlefield.

How does Clove fuse Sage and Astra's abilities?

Clove embodies the best of both worlds; she can heal teammates like Sage and manipulate the battlefield with cosmic powers akin to Astra. This fusion allows for dynamic gameplay strategies.

Can you describe Clove's gameplay mechanics?

Clove's gameplay revolves around strategic placement and timing, using her abilities to control the flow of battle, protect teammates, and disrupt enemy positions. Mastery requires understanding her hybrid role in team composition.

What are some effective strategies with Clove?

Effective strategies involve using Clove's abilities to secure key map positions, provide critical support during engagements, and adapt to changing battlefield conditions. Coordination with your team enhances her impact.

How does Clove fit into the Valorant meta?

Clove introduces a new layer to the Valorant meta by offering a hybrid option that excels in both tactical support and area control. Her versatility makes her valuable in various team compositions.

What are Clove's main strengths?

Clove's strengths lie in her ability to influence battles through healing, area denial, and tactical advantage. Her unique skill set offers a balance between offense and defense, making her a formidable presence.

How can players master Clove's abilities?

Mastering Clove involves practice in leveraging her hybrid abilities for maximum team benefit, understanding when to switch between roles, and developing situational awareness to make impactful decisions during matches.

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