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Introducing the Emerald Rank in League of Legends: A Game Changer

Ranked gaming in League of Legends has long been a captivating adventure for many players worldwide. Familiar ranks such as Iron, Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, and the three Apex Tiers - Master, Grandmaster, and Challenger, have created a thrilling competitive environment for players. However, things are about to get even more exciting with Riot Games introducing a new game-changing rank, the Emerald Rank.

A New Dawn in League of Legends' Ranking System

Riot Games, the developer of League of Legends, has consistently demonstrated a commitment to enhancing the gaming experience for its players. In a recent announcement, the development team unveiled a comprehensive rework of the game's ranking system, which includes the introduction of the Emerald rank. This new rank is set to go live with the commencement of Split Two 2023 on July 18.

The introduction of the Emerald rank is a significant development in the game's ranking system. It aims to fix the existing issues of the system, such as the bottom-heavy distribution of rankings and the overpopulation of the Diamond tier.

The Emerald Rank: What It Means for Players

The Emerald rank, a new addition to the League of Legends ranking system, sits between Platinum and Diamond. This new rank aims to 'flatten the curve,' addressing the issue of a bottom-heavy distribution of rankings, which has seen more than 60 percent of players falling between the Bronze and Silver ranks.

Riot intends the Emerald rank to create a more even spread among the Silver, Gold, and Platinum ranks, relegating Bronze to the below-average rank it was originally intended to be. This new rank is expected to house a similar percentage of players to Platinum, thus averting the risk of Diamond rank inflation.

The Impact of the Emerald Rank on the Game's Ranking Distribution

The addition of Emerald rank to the game's ranking system is expected to have a profound effect on the rank distribution. From Riot's perspective, this new rank will help even out the League's ranked distribution, ensuring a more balanced spread of players across different ranks.

It is important to note that the Iron rank is an exception in this case, as the percentage of players in this rank has historically been as low as that in Diamond. Nonetheless, the introduction of Emerald rank is a positive change that will make the ranked climb a bit easier to stomach, and many players are looking forward to it.

Game Design Philosophy Behind the New Emerald Rank

Evan "Revenancer" Humphreys, Game Design Manager at Riot Games, provided detailed insights about the reasoning behind the Ranked changes and Riot Games' philosophy on the mode in a follow-up blog post According to him, Riot labels a significant portion of its players one tier lower compared to most games with similar ranking systems.

Through the introduction of the Emerald rank, Riot aims to move towards a more even percentage split distribution, centering around Gold. This change means that the ranks will better match the meaning you've come to expect elsewhere, and many players will see their end rank be higher than before.

Maintaining the Prestige and Exclusivity of Apex Tiers

While Riot intends to flatten the rank curve and facilitate the advancement of more players to higher ranks, it remains committed to maintaining the exclusivity and prestige associated with the game's highest ranks. This commitment is evident in Riot's decision not to change the rank distribution of the Apex Tiers of Master+.

To maintain the prestige of the Diamond rank and prevent it from becoming overcrowded due to the flattening of the curve, Riot has introduced the Emerald rank. This new rank will serve as a buffer, preventing an influx of players into the Diamond tier while still allowing a larger number of players to advance to higher ranks.

Other Noteworthy Changes to the Ranked System

In addition to the introduction of the Emerald rank, Riot is making other significant changes to the ranked system. One such change is the reduction in the number of placement games from 10 to 5. With the addition of a mid-year reset to the ranking system, this reduction in placement games will save players a significant amount of time in achieving their rank.

The most controversial yet potentially impactful change is the removal of the promotion series. These series have long been a bone of contention among players due to the stress and frustration they often cause. By eliminating the promotion series, Riot aims to smooth the progress of players through the ranks, thereby enhancing the overall ranked gaming experience.

Looking Forward: What's Next for Ranked?

With these changes, Riot Games is ushering in a new era in ranked gaming for League of Legends. The introduction of the Emerald rank, along with the reduction in placement games and the removal of the promotion series, represents a significant departure from the traditional ranking system.

These changes are expected to make the ranked climb more manageable and enjoyable for players, while still preserving the competitiveness and prestige associated with the game's highest ranks. As players and fans eagerly await the launch of Split Two 2023 on July 18, the League of Legends community is abuzz with anticipation for what promises to be a game-changing season.

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