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Get Ready for Diablo 4 Season 1: Embrace the Malignant Era

As the world of Sanctuary gears up for the launch of Diablo 4's inaugural season, excitement is building in the gaming community. Titled "Season of the Malignant," this new chapter promises a fresh narrative, unique gameplay mechanics, and a bounty of powerful loot for players to discover. So, dive into our comprehensive guide and equip yourself with everything you need to know about Diablo 4 Season 1.

Launch Schedule

The first season of Diablo 4 is slated to go live on July 20, 2023. The exact time varies according to your geographical location:

  • Pacific Daylight Time (PDT): 10 a.m. on July 20
  • Eastern Daylight Time (EDT): 1 p.m. on July 20
  • British Summer Time (BST): 6 p.m. on July 20
  • Central European Summer Time (CEST): 7 p.m. on July 20
  • Japan Standard Time (JST): 2 a.m. on July 21

Remember to mark your calendars and set your alarms because the Season of the Malignant is not to be missed!

Seasonal Storyline: The Malignant Plague

Each season in Diablo 4 unfolds a new narrative arc. Season 1, dubbed the "Season of the Malignant," revolves around a sinister plague that's corrupting the world of Sanctuary. This malicious infection transforms beasts, humans, and demons into bloodthirsty monsters, marking a direct deviation from the core campaign of Diablo 4.

This post-campaign side quest plunges players into a hair-raising adventure alongside Cormond, a former priest of the Cathedral of Light. Your mission? To halt the spread of the Malignant plague and save Sanctuary from a grim fate. But beware, the journey is fraught with danger and the stakes are higher than ever.

Malignant Hearts: The Crown Jewel of Season 1

Perhaps the most enticing aspect of the Season of the Malignant is the introduction of Malignant Hearts. These coveted items drop from vanquished Malignant monsters and can be socketed into your gear to grant your character unparalleled powers.

To obtain a Malignant Heart, you need to defeat infected creatures and use a special item known as the Cage of Binding. This triggers an event where the fallen beast resurrects in a more formidable form, summoning a horde of Malignant allies. Triumphing over these foes rewards you with a Caged Heart, which, when socketed into compatible gear, significantly amplifies your character's power.

The Malignant Tunnels: A Gateway to Power

Malignant Tunnels, a new type of seasonal dungeon, serve as the primary hunting grounds for Malignant Hearts. These menacing labyrinths are teeming with Malignant threats, including Varshan the Consumed, a formidable new boss. These dungeons offer players the opportunity to farm Malignant Hearts and unlock a myriad of powerful abilities.

Legendary Loot: New Gear and Items

Season 1 is also set to introduce a collection of exclusive gear and items. The most notable among these are six new Unique items and seven new Legendary Aspects. However, players should note that these items, along with the Malignant items, are only obtainable in the Seasonal Realm during Season 1.

Preparing for the Season: What to Do Before July 20

Before you embark on your Season 1 journey, there are a few steps you should take to maximize your character's potential. First and foremost, you must complete the core Diablo 4 campaign. This not only unlocks the seasonal content but also allows you to carry over certain aspects of progress from the Eternal Realm to the Seasonal Realm.

Your renown, including Altars of Lilith statues, potion charges, skill points, and map progress, will all transfer to your seasonal character. This feature provides a significant boost, helping you power level from the get-go.

The Battle Pass: Unlock Exclusive Rewards

In tandem with the Season of the Malignant, Blizzard is launching the first Diablo 4 Battle Pass. This seasonal reward system comprises 90 tiers of cosmetics, resources, and items. A total of 27 tiers are freely accessible, while the remaining 63 require a premium purchase.

The Battle Pass does not confer any gameplay advantages. All tier rewards, including the new Seasonal Blessing mechanic, are purely cosmetic. They add a dash of uniqueness to your seasonal character without impacting the game's balance.

When Does Season 1 End?

The Season of the Malignant is set to last for approximately 12 weeks, wrapping up sometime in October 2023. Once the season concludes, your seasonal characters will automatically transfer to the Eternal Realm, retaining all the gear, items, and progress you've accrued.


The Season of the Malignant marks a thrilling new chapter in the Diablo 4 saga. With a captivating storyline, innovative gameplay mechanics, and a plethora of powerful loot, this inaugural season is set to deliver an unforgettable gaming experience. So, brace yourself for a riveting adventure and get ready to conquer the Malignant plague when Diablo 4 Season 1 goes live on July 20!

Disclaimer: Activision Blizzard, the company behind Diablo 4, is currently facing multiple lawsuits and allegations concerning workplace harassment and unfair labor practices. We remain committed to covering Activision Blizzard games while simultaneously acknowledging and reporting on these serious issues. You can find the latest news under our Activision Blizzard tag

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