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Faker's Full List of Podium Finishes: A Decade of LoL Triumphs

In the electrifying realm of League of Legends, one mid laner has dominated the scene with the force of a legend: Lee Sang-hyeok, better known as "Faker." His journey, starting back in his 2013 debut as a rookie, has been nothing short of historic. Not only has he become an iconic player, but he has also earned multiple MVP titles throughout his illustrious career. With a career spanning a decade, Faker, the MVP mid laner, has led his team to an impressive array of podium finishes at the Legends, even as a rookie. Each title and recognition garnered along the way, including the Legends World Championship MVP, not only marks a spot in history but also cements Faker, the mid laner, as the face many associate with peak performance in esports and the Season World Championship. From spring series to world championships, his list of achievements, including multiple MVP titles and tournament victories, is a testament to facing challenges head-on and consistently securing the win to come out on top.

Early Life and Entry into Esports

From South Korea, Faker was born in 1996. He hit the League of Legends scene as a rookie player in high school, quickly catching the eye of G2 Esports before a major tournament.

Born in South Korea

Faker's story starts in 1996. It was there, in the heart of South Korea (KR), that a legend was born during the Legends World Championship, forever etching its name into Worlds history. He grew up like most kids but had a knack for video games, racking up kills, outsmarting other players, and aiming to win, making history in every match.

High School Discovery

In high school, something big happened. Faker found League of Legends and everything changed. This tournament game wasn't just a pastime for the player; it became his passion as he racked up kills.

Joining SK Telecom T1

2013 was a game-changer for Faker. That's when he joined the tournament-ready team SK Telecom T1, a player-favored esports powerhouse, during the spring split. Here's where his journey to stardom really kicked off.

Rookie Season Triumphs

In 2013, a rookie player named Faker blasted onto the League of Legends tournament scene, clinching his first World Championship games with SKTT1 K. He didn't just win; he dominated with impressive kills, earning the nickname " Unkillable Demon King" and setting a new standard for mid-laners everywhere.

First World Championship Win

Faker's debut as a player on the starting roster for SKT T1 K in the tournament was nothing short of legendary, racking up an impressive number of kills and earning KR recognition. In his very first season, the player and his team powered through the games of the champions spring and spring split playoffs, aiming for the finals of the world championship. They arrived at the World Championship finals as an underestimated team but left as celebrated champions, with each player having excelled in their games.

His victory wasn't just a one-time fluke. It was clear from every single game that player Faker was in a league of his own, especially during the finals of the world championship. The way he played mid-lane—aggressive yet calculated—left both fans and opponents in awe.

Nickname Earned

The moniker "Unkillable Demon King" is no small feat to earn, especially for a player in their rookie season, eyeing the KR World Championship. But Faker made it look easy. His ability as a player to dodge death on the Rift was uncanny, especially during the spring season for his KR team.

Opponents threw everything they had at him—ganks, skill shots, you name it—but taking him down during the team finals season in KR was like trying to catch smoke with your hands. It seemed impossible.

Mid-Lane Mastery

Before Faker's time, mid-laners had their playbooks on how to dominate the lane during the finals season, mastering the split strategies in KR. But Faker? He wrote a whole new one.

  • He never stuck to one style or strategy.
  • Adaptability became his signature move.

Whether it was delivering crushing defeats in the season finals or pulling off jaw-dropping plays in the KR World Championship, Faker redefined what it meant to be a mid-laner.

Standard Setter

Faker didn't just set records in the finals season; he set expectations sky-high for any KR mid-laner who dared follow in his footsteps to the world championship.

  • His gameplay during the finals raised questions about what else could be possible in the League of Legends world championship season, particularly in the KR region.
  • Every aspiring player wanted to be "the next Faker."

He wasn't just playing games at the KR split finals; he was inspiring an entire generation of players to reach for the world championship.

Global Impact

The ripple effect of Faker's triumphs with T1 during his rookie seasons went beyond individual games or even tournaments—it changed League of Legends globally, culminating in world championship finals appearances.

Teams scrambled to find their own Fakers during the KR finals split, altering rosters and strategies in hopes of capturing some of that T1 magic. The impact of finals stretched from Rift Rivals across continents to local playgrounds in KR, where kids dreamed of becoming esports legends like T1.

Consistent Podium Finishes: 2014-2016

Faker's rise to stardom didn't stop after his rookie year, consistently reaching the finals with T1 in the KR region. He continued to dominate finals, racking up T1's LCK titles and making an impressive showing at the World Championship.

Multiple LCK Titles

After a stellar start, Faker kept the momentum going. He led his team to victory in several League of Champions Korea (LCK) finals, including the prestigious T1 seasons.

  • 2014 Spring Season win
  • A repeat triumph in Summer
  • Another title in 2015 Spring

These victories weren't just wins; they were statements. Faker wasn't just a T1 one-hit wonder; he was a consistent force in the world of League of Legends.

2015 World Finals

The highlight came in 2015 when Faker and his team battled their way to the finals of the World Championship, showcasing exceptional T1 gameplay. It was a hard-fought journey that showcased Faker's T1 skill and determination on the global stage.

  • Faced top teams from around the world
  • Showed versatility and strategic prowess

Although they didn't clinch first place, reaching the T1 finals solidified Faker's reputation as one of esports' greats.

Top-Tier Status

Even with teammates coming and going, Faker remained unshakable. His ability to adapt and lead new t1 lineups was nothing short of remarkable.

  • Adjusted to different team dynamics
  • Continued dominating performances despite changes

This T1 period marked him as not only talented but also versatile and resilient—a true leader who could bring out the best in those around him.

Playoff Finals Success

Year after year, playoff finals saw T1's Faker not just participating but often reigning supreme. The t1 Gangseo District native made it clear that he was playing for keeps.

  • Clinched crucial playoff matches
  • Demonstrated clutch performance under pressure

His knack for performing when it mattered most drew fans from all over, eager to see what T1's Faker would do next.

Dominating the International Scene

Faker's prowess in League of Legends isn't just a T1 tale; it's a legacy etched in the annals of esports. From commanding victories at MSI to unforgettable Rift Rivals performances, his journey through t1 is nothing short of legendary.

MSI and Rift Rivals

Faker didn't just play at international t1 tournaments; he owned them. At both the Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) and Rift Rivals, Faker led his team to glory with jaw-dropping plays that left fans and foes alike in awe, solidifying his status as a T1 legend.

  • MSI T1: A stage where Faker shone brightly, leading SKT T1 to victory with strategic mastery.
  • Rift Rivals: Here, Faker further cemented his status as a T1 esports titan, outplaying international rivals.

Back-to-Back Worlds Wins

The T1 World Championship is where legends are born, and Faker of T1 is no exception. In 2015 and 2016, he steered SKT to consecutive world titles—a feat that speaks volumes about his skill and leadership on the global stage.

  • 2015 World Championship : A display of sheer dominance by Faker and SKT.
  • 2016 Repeat : Defying odds to clinch back-to-back championships solidified their dynasty.

The Face of LoL Esports

Recognized worldwide, Faker became more than a player—he became the face of League of Legends esports. His name resonates across continents as synonymous with excellence in gaming.

  • International Recognition : Fans globally know him not just for his gameplay but for being an ambassador for esports.

Throughout these events—MSI, Rift Rivals, and especially during those nail-biting World Championship finals—Faker's brilliance was always front and center. It wasn't just about winning; it was how he won—with strategies so inventive they often left spectators speechless. He didn't merely adapt to the meta; he set it.

Consider this: when you think "League," chances are you think "Faker." That's not by accident. Every move he makes on Summoner's Rift isn't just about securing another trophy—it's about inspiring millions who watch him play. And inspire he does, with every calculated dive or cross-map snipe that turns the tide of battle in ways only Faker can conjure up.

His list of podium finishes reads like a chronicle of conquests:

  • Champion titles at MSI
  • Multiple crowns from Rift Rivals
  • The coveted back-to-back wins at Worlds

Each accomplishment adds another layer to his storied career—a testament to ten years spent redefining what it means to be a pro gamer. As seasons come and go, one thing remains unchanged: when there's a league tournament anywhere in the world, all eyes are on Faker—the undisputed king of League of Legends esports.

A Legacy of Titles and Awards

Faker, the unkillable demon king of League of Legends, didn't just play the game; he redefined it. Over a decade, his trophy case became a testament to unparalleled skill and strategic mastery.

Three Worlds by 2017

By 2017, Faker had already clinched three championship titles at the Legends World Championship. Each win wasn't just a victory; it was a statement that he was leagues above the rest.

  • 2013: His first taste of glory.
  • 2015: A dominant return to form.
  • 2016: Cementing his legacy as a legend.

These weren't just wins; they were landmarks on the timeline of esports history.

MVP Galore

With each season came new challenges, but Faker rose to meet them head-on. His shelves are lined with MVP awards that scream one thing – consistency at its finest.

  • Spring and Summer Splits accolades.
  • Mid-Season Invitational (MSI) recognition.

Each MVP title served as proof that Faker wasn't playing games; he was rewriting rules.

International Record Holder

The term 'win' seems almost inadequate when discussing Faker's professional career. He held the record for most international tournament wins—a testament to his global dominance.

  • MSI triumphs added to his fame.
  • Rift Rivals victories showcased versatility.

This isn't just about being good; it's about being consistently the best across borders and teams.

Beyond the Game: Media and Philanthropy

Faker's impact resonates beyond just racking up victories ; he's a star in documentaries and a hero in charity efforts. He transcends gaming, influencing people across various spheres.

Global Esports Icon

Faker isn't just about dominating League of Legends. His face is known worldwide thanks to esports documentaries. These films show his journey, struggles, and triumphs. They inspire not just gamers but anyone chasing dreams.

His story is a lesson in dedication. It proves that with hard work, even a kid from South Korea can become a global sensation.

Charity Champion

But Faker's heart is as big as his list of wins. He gives back through charity work within his home country. From helping kids to supporting disaster relief, he's there.

He doesn't just play games; he changes lives.

Influence Beyond Gaming

And it's not only the gaming world that admires him. Faker has become an influential figure in sports and beyond. People recognize him on the street, not just for his skills but for who he is as a person.

He shows us that players can be role models too.

Analyzing Faker's Impact and Legacy

Faker revolutionized competitive League of Legends. He inspired countless gamers worldwide.

Redefined Competitive Standards

Faker didn't just play; he changed the game. His strategies and skills set new benchmarks in esports.

  • Mastered multiple champions at a top-tier level.
  • Known for his unpredictable plays and strategic depth.

His presence demanded opponents to up their game or fall behind. A true trailblazer, Faker's influence is seen in today's high-level matches.

Inspired Esports Athletes

He's not just a player; he's an icon. Aspiring pros look up to Faker as the ultimate goal.

  • His work ethic became a template for success.
  • Stories of his dedication motivate players globally.

Every time Faker steps onto the stage, it's a masterclass for newcomers. They learn that talent needs hard work to shine brightest.

Global Esports Growth

The name 'Faker' echoes beyond the gaming community. He helped turn esports into a worldwide phenomenon.

  • Headlined tournaments watched by millions.
  • Attracted significant sponsorships and investments.

Esports arenas are now packed thanks to stars like him. It's no wonder cities vie to host events where legends like Faker compete.


As we've journeyed through Faker's illustrious 10-year career, it's clear that his trophy case is brimming with more than just shiny medals—it's a testament to dedication, skill, and the heart of a champion. From his early days as an esports prodigy to becoming a household name in League of Legends, Faker has not only climbed podiums but also mountains of success that few can claim to have scaled. You've seen how every victory and award has been a stepping stone in building his legacy—a legacy that continues to inspire gamers around the globe.

Now it's your turn to dive into the rift and maybe, just maybe, follow in Faker's footsteps. Whether you're looking to improve your own game or simply appreciate the artistry of top-tier play, there's no better time than now to get involved. So queue up, lock in your champion, and who knows? With a bit of grit and grind, we might be cheering for your epic plays on the world stage one day. Keep pushing those limits—after all, that's what legends are made of!


FAQ: Get the Lowdown on Faker's Legendary League of Legends Career!

What's the scoop on Faker's biggest wins in LoL?

Faker, aka Lee Sang-hyeok, is a total beast in the League of Legends scene. This guy has stacked up trophies like you wouldn't believe. We're talking three World Championship titles (2013, 2015, and 2016), which is just bonkers! Plus, he's snagged multiple LCK titles with his squad SKT T1. If you're itching for a comprehensive list of all his podium finishes, buckle up and head over to our detailed rundown – it's where the magic happens!

Can you spill the beans on how many times Faker has been runner-up?

Sure thing! Faker isn't just about those first-place finishes; he's had some close calls too. He's been the bridesmaid but never the bride a few times at major tourneys like Worlds and MSI. For instance, he took second place at Worlds 2017 and MSI 2017. Want to know more about those nail-biting moments? Dive into our blog post that dishes out all the deets on his runner-up spots.

How often does Faker actually make it to top-tier tournament finals?

Faker is no stranger to high-stakes matches, let me tell ya! This dude finds himself in finals more often than most people find loose change in their couch cushions. It seems like every time there's a big tourney, you can bet your bottom dollar Faker will be duking it out for the top spot. If you're curious about just how many finals this legend has reached, check out our full article – we've got all the juicy stats ready for ya!

Is there a year when Faker totally dominated League tournaments?

Oh boy, was there ever! The year was 2015 and Faker was tearing through competitions like a tornado through a cornfield! His team went full beast mode that year, scooping up both LCK Spring and Summer titles plus crushing it at Worlds. That year was peak "Faker Show," my friends. To relive those glory days or get schooled on other dominant periods of his career, hit up our blog – it's history class with an esports twist.

Has Faker won any individual awards during his career?

You betcha! Not only does he collect team accolades like they're going out of style, but he also racks up personal awards because let's face it - he's just that good. MVP titles? Check! All-Star appearances? Double-check! Our main man Faker shines brighter than my grandma's freshly polished silverware. Craving specifics? Our post spills all the tea on his trophy cabinet.

Are there any recent podium finishes for Faker I should know about?

Absolutely! Even though this guy's been around since dinosaurs roamed Summoner's Rift (just kidding!), he still snags podium spots like they're hotcakes at brunch time. In recent memory? He clinched another LCK title not too long ago because slowing down is clearly not in his playbook.

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