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What is Duo Queue Boosting and Why Should You Consider It?

If you’re an avid League of Legends (LoL) player, then you’ve probably heard of duo queue boosting. But what exactly is it and why should you consider it? Duo queue boosting is a service offered by experienced LoL players to help improve your ranking in the game. By duo queue boosting, you can climb the ranks faster and have greater rewards. Let’s delve deeper into how duo queue boosting works and why it may be beneficial for your LoL gaming experience.

The LoL Ranking System

Before we get into the details of duo queue boosting, let’s take a look at how the LoL ranking system works. In the game, there are several tiers that represent your skill level—Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platnum, Diamond, Master and Challenger. Each tier has five divisions that go from V (lowest) to I (highest). As you win games against other players in ranked matches or tournaments, your rank will increase from V to I until you reach the next tier up. With each new rank achieved comes rewards such as exclusive emotes or other cosmetics for your account. Additionally, winning games will also earn you League Points (LP), which are used to matchmake with opponents at a similar skill level. Match-making rating (MMR) is another factor used in addition to LP when considering opponents for matchmaking. MMR increases when a player wins ranked games or decreases when he/she loses them.

Duo Boosting Benefits and Costs

So now that we know more about the ranking system of LoL let’s discuss some of the benefits of duo queuing with an experienced booster. First off, duo queuing with an experienced booster lowers risk as they won't need access to any accounts – all they need is to play with yours at certain hours depending on their availability and yours! Secondly, playing with higher-ranked players will help improve your game knowledge by learning directly from them while playing together in real time – it's like having a personal coach! Thirdly, guaranteed teammates who want to win at all times reduces risks of losing games due to bad random teammates or trolls in general - this can save plenty of time if they know their role well! Finally - costs involved in hiring through online service providers are usually very affordable as boosters usually offer discounts depending on how many hours needed for each job!

Rank Decay Explained

Lastly let's talk about rank decay - this happens when someone hasn't played enough games over a period of time determined by their division and tier level; once this period has ended without any ranked games being played then the MMR associated with that division decreases; Diamond or above need to play within certain time frames depending on their rank level so make sure not to miss out on those precious MMR points!


All in all Duo Queue Boosting can be extremely beneficial for those looking to climb up in ranks quickly while also learning from higher-level players along the way; however it's important not only to consider costs but also make sure that boosters are trustworthy before engaging services as there are many scams out there trying to take advantage of unsuspecting gamers! With these tips hopefully now you understand better what Duo Queue Boosting is and whether its right for you - good luck on your gaming adventures!