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League of Legends 2023!

Get Ready for the Upcoming League of Legends Changes

Blog Introduction: Riot Games recently announced a series of changes to the popular game, League of Legends. Players can expect new champions, updates to old favorites, and full reworks for some existing characters. Here is what you need to know about the upcoming changes in 2023.

Milio and Naafiri - Two New Champions in 2023

The newest champions to join the Summoner’s Rift are Milio and Naafiri. As two sides of one coin, they use their duality to their advantage in battle. Riot Games has not yet revealed concept art or a release date but did mention that these two will be joining forces in 2023. Players can expect a unique set of abilities, roles, and playstyle from these two characters.

Updates to Ahri and Aurelion Sol

Riot Games also announced updates to existing champions Ahri and Aurelion Sol this year. Previews of their new look, style, and gameplay mechanics have been released online so players can get an idea of what to expect from them this year. There are plenty of examples out there on how players can benefit from these updates including improved teamplay and new combos for Ahri as well as enhanced range capabilities for Sol.

Skarner Rework Progress Report

Riot Games has also released concept art for Skarner’s rework design. The latest images showcase a sleek body covered with spikes that players haven't seen before in-game! Comparing the original version with the upcoming rework details reveals some significant differences in terms of visuals as well as abilities that players can use when playing Skarner on Summoner’s Rift this year.

Split System Changes for Ranked Play in 2023

The split system changes coming up this year will affect rank divisions according to Riot Games's recent announcement. This means that players will now have two splits instead of one which will bring more rewards at the end of each season split compared to last year’s rewards system. The competition is sure to be fierce when it comes down to competing over top spots among different rank divisions during each split period!


The upcoming League of Legends changes have been highly anticipated by fans around the world since Riot Games's announcement earlier this month. With two new champions joining the fold in 2023, updates coming up for existing favorites such as Ahri and Aurelion Sol this year, plus a full rework design for Skarner on its way, there is plenty for gamers to look forward to throughout 2023! Additionally, with split system changes coming up soon regarding ranked play division levels, competitive gamers are sure to have their hands full trying out all these amazing features that await them! Don't miss out!