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An Overview of League of Legends Patch 13.1

League of Legends is an iconic video game that has been around since 2009. Every few months, Riot Games releases updates and patches to the game, often introducing new characters or reworking existing ones. The latest patch, 13.1, is no different. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights from this patch and unpack what they mean for current players.

Changes for Bruisers, Tanks, and Yuumi Patch 13.1 introduces changes to three specific champions:

Bruisers, tanks, and Yuumi – the magical cat companion champion who recently made her return to the game after a long hiatus. First up are nerfs for bruisers and tanks; these characters will have their health reduced in order to make them more vulnerable against enemy champions. Secondly, Yuumi’s kit has been completely overhauled with changes to her passive ability (which now grants bonuses based on nearby targets) as well as an increase in damage output from her Q and E abilities.

Jax Mid-Scope Update One of the most significant changes in this patch is the “mid-scope” update for Jax

One of the most popular champions in League of Legends right now. This update includes a massive buff to Jax’s W ability (which grants attack speed when activated), as well as changes to his ultimate ability (which now grants movement speed as well as additional attack speed). These buffs should make Jax a much more viable pick against all types of opponents in both mid-lane and top-lane matchups.

New Ranked Split System

This patch also introduces a new ranked split system that encourages players to continue grinding up through the ranks by offering rewards each time they reach certain goals within each season. This should help keep players motivated and engaged throughout the season while still providing incentives for reaching higher levels within the rankings system.

Tweaks to Other Champions In addition to these major changes

There are a number of tweaks being made to other champions such as Aatrox, Dr Mundo Fiora Jayce (all receiving buffs) as well as various bugfixes and quality-of-life improvements such as an Eternity Move Speed Buff and HUD Appearances being adjusted across multiple champions . Conclusion: Patch 13.1 offers something for everyone with its wide range of updates and tweaks for both veteran players and newcomers alike! With nerfs for bruisers & tanks plus major buffs for Jax along with tweaks & bugfixes across multiple other champions , there’s plenty here that current players can look forward to when playing League of Legends . Additionally , fans can also enjoy all of the new features included with this patch like rewards for reaching certain goal ranks within each season , so it looks like there are plenty of exciting things happening within League of Legends this year!