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An Extensive Guide to Ezreal: League of Legends Strategies, Builds, Runes, Advice and Tricks

A picture of Ezreal from the online video game, League of Legends, is depicted in the above image. The graphics are captivating and the colors are vibrant.
Ezreal is an especially distinct Attack Damage Carry in League of Legends, providing a mage-esque pattern of play that will reward any smart and savvy participant. Therefore, here is all the information that you need to be familiar with regarding Ezreal, the Prodigal Explorer.
Having been introduced as one of the premier characters of League of Legends, Ezreal has experienced numerous transformations throughout the title's lifetime and withstood the many different metagames that have come and gone.
Ezreal has remained a fan favorite champion due to his kit which offers excellent opportunities for skilled players to perform exceptionally.
Table of Contents

What can we tell about Ezreal?

Ezreal, who was born in the city of Piltover, had two renowned archaeologists for parents. As a youngster, he had a strong inclination for exploration and a strong desire to embark on his own adventures.
Ezreal embarked on a quest to locate his absent parents and came across a bronze gauntlet that fit him perfectly as soon as he put it on.
Subsequently, Ezreal would start his travels with his enchanted gauntlet in his grasp.
Exploring Summoner's Rift, Ezreal can be considered a slippery burst/poke attack damage champion, taking on whatever comes his way with his magical gauntlet aiding him in the journey.

Ezreal's Capabilities and Playstyle

Ezreal is a champion from League of Legends whose capabilities and playstyle have caused them to become popular. Their abilities allow for powerful poke and burst damage, making them one of the strongest champions in the game. They are also extremely mobile, allowing them to dodge enemy attacks and move around the battlefield quickly. Ezreal has the unique ability to use their ultimate to blink across the map, making them incredibly difficult to catch. In teamfights, Ezreal can use their powerful burst damage and mobility to take down enemies quickly and effectively.
Ezreal is known for two traits in the game of League of Legends: burst and mobility. When he has his gauntlet on, he is capable of dealing out damage from a distance with combinations of his abilities that can surprise and overwhelm opponents.
When playing in the lane, the main goal of Ezreal is to acquire gold while poking the opposition. His laning phase is not extraordinary and he usually requires assistance from a support or jungler to help trap adversaries for successful takedowns.
Once Ezreal has acquired an item that provides attack damage and ability haste, he can truly demonstrate his power. His capability of quickly discharging his abilities gives him the capacity to produce a substantial amount of damage.
Ezreal players that know their abilities and damage output well can choose to stay in the backline during teamfights and fire off skill shots to reduce the frontline's health or, alternatively, they can opt to dive in and take out enemies, thus obtaining necessary eliminations for their team.
Every time Ezreal lands a spell, his Attack Speed increases, stacking up to a maximum of 5 times.
Passive: Rising Spell Force
Q: Mystic Shot - Ezreal sends out a damaging bolt of energy which shortens all his cooldowns when it strikes an adversary.
W: Essence Flux - Ezreal throws an orb that clings to the first champion or target it hits. If Ezreal connects the orb to an enemy, it explodes and inflicts damage.
E: Arcane Shift - Ezreal moves to a close-by spot and fires a homing bolt that strikes the closest enemy unit. It prioritizes opponents stuck with Essence Flux.
R: Trueshot Barrage - Ezreal winds up and launches a huge barrage of energy that deals massive harm to each unit it passes through (damage is reduced for minions and non-epic monsters).
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Constructing a Powerful Ezreal Set-Up

Currently, Ezreal can be played in three different ways according to the style of play you prefer.
Ezreal, the Rapid One
For a stronger burst setup that excels against squishier enemies, consider going for items such as Duskblade of Draktharr and Essence Reaver. This will empower you to deal a massive amount of damage.
Putting Together a Burst Ezreal Set:
Begin with either Tear or Doran's Blade
Get Ionian Boots of Lucidity for footwear
Next up is Essence Reaver
Duskblade of Draktharr should follow
Construct Muramana after that
Then, Serylda's Grudge
Finally, have Ravenous Hydra
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The combination of Essence Reaver, Duskblade and Muramana will enable you to inflict serious damage in a very short time.
Ezreal, the Kite-Flying Hero
When you go for the Kite Ezreal build, you need to focus on using his Q ability to gradually move away from enemies. This is a reliable damage build that requires precision with Qs in order to reduce cooldowns. Your burst is lower with this build, but you can still keep the damage output steady.
A guide on constructing a Kite Ezreal:
The opening item is Doran's Sword
To follow, Essence Reaver
Thirdly, Kraken Slayer
Subsequently, Navori Quickblades
Then Serylda's Grudge
After that, either Ravenous Hydra or Frozen Heart
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When you have 3 items, this build will reach a peak. Rather than going for Muramana for mana regeneration, you'll be depending on Essence Reaver to cast spells continuously. Once you hit 60% critical strike, you'll be able to apply Navori Quickblades, which will mirror Ezreal's Q by decreasing the cooldown of other spells. This construct is dependent on how the items synergize and you'll feel a substantial shift when it works.

Ezreal, the Pokemon

Building Poke Ezreal gives a fair amount of burst damage power while still allowing the champion to deal respectable damage while retreating. This style of build is the most classic one for Ezreal and has been the most used in the past.
A Build for Ezreal: Poke
Begin with either Tear of the Goddess or Doran's Sword
Consider Trinity Force or Divine Sunderer
Muramana is another option
Don't forget to look at Serylda's Grudge
Ravenous Hydra is an alternative
Finally, Maw of Malmortius or Frozen Heart could be the right choice.
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The Poke Ezreal build centers around the Sheen effect from either Trinity Force or Divine Sunderer being used to gradually wear down enemies. Typically, this is done through an enemy being hit by the Q spell, yet it can also be accomplished through an auto attack that is used during a larger combo. This style of build presents the most freedom for Ezreal and makes him feel the closest to being a mage.

What Runes Are Optimal for Ezreal?

Ezreal's runes can be set up in three different ways and should be combined with the item builds for optimal performance.
Runes for the Burst Ezreal Build
For Burst Ezreal, a more precise rune choice than the other variants is necessary, due to First Strike as the Keystone being a must in order to add to his damage output and enabling him to farm gold. The Burst Ezreal Rune Set looks like this:
Utilizing Attack Runes to Make an Advancement
It comes down to individual preference and circumstances whether Kite or Poke Ezreal are better suited to using Press The Attack effectively.
To improve Ezreal's laning phase, as well as to provide him with some extra damage after he has hit the same target with his auto-attack or Q three times, the Attack Runes should be taken. This set of runes is best for short trades, but may not be as effective later in the game. Here is what the Attack Runes look like:
Runes of the Victorious
The Runes of the Victorious are symbols of domination and power that have been used by warriors and rulers throughout history. These runes are used to invoke strength and are believed to bring success in battles and other endeavors.
Ezreal both Kite and Poke can again opt to take Conqueror instead of Press the Attack.
Attack damage and healing is given to Ezreal through Conqueror, which requires 12 stacks before attaining full activation. It is a bit hard to make use of it in lane, but it is highly beneficial in extended team fights, where Ezreal is able to trigger it earlier and maintain the buff. The following runes are included in the Conqueror set:

Skins of Ezreal in League of Legends

Skin options for Ezreal, a champion in the game League of Legends, are plentiful, providing ample opportunity for players to customize their avatar. Those who play League of Legends have a wide variety of skins to choose from when it comes to Ezreal, allowing them to make their character stand out.

Strategies for Playing Ezreal Effectively

Advice for using the champion Ezreal can be found here. Being familiar with the character's abilities and how to use them is key to success. Knowing when, where, and how to use his abilities can make a great deal of difference in a match. To gain the upper hand, players should take the time to learn and practice Ezreal's skills and techniques.
Utilizing Essence Flux
When you are controlling Ezreal, you should make the most of your W: Essence Flux. As this skill adheres to a target but does not deal damage, you can use it in combination with another power for a huge surge of damage. This is particularly important when playing a Burst Ezreal.
Accumulating Tears of the Deity
Ensure that you are using your Tear of the Goddess to its full potential by stacking it throughout the game. Skillshots such as Q: Mystic Shot and W: Essence Flux are the best way to keep stacking the item as they provide the most charges. Doing this consistently will be beneficial for Ezreal since a fully stacked Muramana is a big power spike.
Utilization of Mystic Shot
Using the Mystic Shot is a great way to take a shot in a game. It can be used to score long-distance goals or to quickly switch the tide of a game. It is popular among professional players who know how to use it to their advantage.
Ensure that you are making the best use of Ezreal's Q as it can have a substantial impact on the cooldown of other abilities. Landing Mystic Shots is essential as it is a major source of damage. In some ways, it might be thought of as a substitute for Ezreal's auto attack.
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