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What is the Significance of the Term 'Boosted' in League of Legends?

If you've been involved in ranked games in League of Legends, you may have come across the phrase "boosted" now and then. This article will discuss what it usually implies and what our website, a business that provides this service, has to offer.

What is Elo Boosting?

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The concept of Elo boosting is quite simple—it involves a player who is in the top 0.01%-1% boosting someone else's elo to their desired level. Although the process is linked to paid services, it is a typical part of the game, since higher rated players tend to have friends and play on smurfs with them, thus raising their friends' elo. There is a huge distinction, though, between a friend unintentionally boosting elo and a professional elo boost. A knowledgeable booster should have no difficulty dominating games at lower rankings and completing the job much quicker.
When it comes to boosting in League of Legends, there are two distinct ways to do it: Solo and Duo. Both deliver the same outcome, but they differ in some aspects. Now, let's have a look at the boosting options that are available.

Varieties of Elo Boosting

Different types of Elo Boost can be identified, such as Solo Boosting, Duo Boosting, and Team Boosting. Solo Boosting is a method of increasing one's Elo rating by playing with a professional player. Duo Boosting involves playing with two players, and Team Boosting involves playing with several players. All of these methods can be used to increase one's ranking in the Elo system.
At our service, we have three different elo boost options. These include divisions, Net Wins, and Placements. Although the procedure is similar for all three, each option has its own advantages, so it is best to select the one that best suits your requirements.


This Elo Boost is the most straightforward and simplest to comprehend. Looking to reach a particular division? This option is for you, regardless of how many matches it may take to reach the sought-after division, it will be accomplished. It is ideal for large orders such as going from Gold 4 to Platinum 4 and so on. If you wish to attain a certain rank, this is the best option.

Net Gains

Net gains can be achieved through the use of the Netwins system. This system enables users to build and maintain networks in order to maximize the value of their resources. By enabling users to better manage and leverage their networks, Netwins can help them gain an advantage over their competition.
A booster can guarantee a specific number of net wins. For example, if you purchase two net wins, the booster will have to win two more games than he loses. This type of boost works best when you need a small advantage to move up to a higher elo, for instance if you are one game away from promotion and you feel anxious, or if you want to experiment with the service.

Job Assignments

Many students are eager to get their first job assignment. Getting a placement can be a great way to get your foot in the door of the professional world. Placements can also provide valuable experience as well as the chance to develop new skills. For those looking to gain more knowledge, a placement is a great way to get the experience employers are looking for.
Booster services offer a guarantee that 70 percent of their placement matches will be won. This is only applicable to these particular games and not any other. Clients can request any number of placement games at any point.

Techniques of elo raising

The various methods used to improve a player's elo rating can be referred to as elo boosting. These techniques involve the use of additional players, special software, and other methods. The most popular way of elo boosting is hiring a professional player to play on the account. This person is then able to win games, thus raising the elo rating of the account. Another way is to use special software to help the user play better and increase their rating over time. Additionally, some people have found success by having another person play on their account, with the two of them trading wins to increase the rating.
It has been remarked that there are two distinct ways of boosting, Solo and Duo. Depending on what is required and one's individual preferences, either could be the ideal choice.

One-Person Propel

Solo boost is the most commonly used and preferred method for both boosters and customers. As its name implies, a booster will carry out the elo boosting process alone. To do this, they will have to log onto your account and play the game for you. To make the process even easier, a booster will often have their own partner. This method is the least expensive and fastest, though it has some drawbacks. By allowing a stranger to use your account, you are participating in an activity that is forbidden by Riot Games, which could lead to your account being banned, not only because of the elo boosting but because account sharing is not allowed.
Throughout the years, organizations such as ours have become accustomed to the changes. They've figured out how to reduce the ban rate to almost nothing. This is done with the help of paid VPNs with various connections, invisible mode (more details here), and making your gameplay indistinguishable by playing the same role and champions. You should not be concerned about your account getting banned for sharing.

Increasing in Two

This phrase is used to refer to a process of raising something in two separate increments. It can be used to describe a situation where two people work together to achieve a common goal. Additionally, it can also be used to describe any situation where two entities are combined to create a larger, more powerful result.
The duo method is no different than playing ranked with a companion, except instead of a friend, one of the top gamers on the server is the teammate. This slight advantage that our service provides will take you to the rank you are aiming for. Just remember that you still need to put in your full effort!
This strategy is totally risk-free, as you don't have to share your account with anyone. Although it takes longer and is pricier than solo boosting, it is the ideal way for those who only need some assistance from chance with a loaded die.

Supplementary Services

An illustration showing the concept of content marketing is presented in the image; it displays how content is shared among a circle of customers, creating a ripple effect of engagement. The picture demonstrates the far-reaching impacts of content marketing, with it being the starting point of a chain reaction.
When you place an order for a boost, you can choose from a range of additional options. The number of extra features available will depend on your specific requirements. We have several options at the moment and may add more in the future.


The roles that people have in society can be referred to as their functions.
When you are ordering a booster, you can specify a particular role that you would like them to focus on. This is beneficial if you have certain roles that you usually play or if you would like to gain experience in a certain role. Alternatively, the booster can determine which role to play in order to complete the job quickly if you do not provide a preference.


Victors is a term that denotes individuals who have successfully achieved a challenging goal.
You can provide us with a list of champions that you prefer to be played on your order. It could be one or multiple champions. It is advisable to pair this with the roles selection so that we can assign the most suitable booster for you. This is ideal for those who are devoted to a single champion or who wish to see their account have a certain champion highlighted.

Live Broadcasting

The concept of livestreaming has grown significantly in popularity over recent years. This type of streaming involves broadcasting a video feed over the internet in real-time. Live broadcasting allows people to watch events as they happen from anywhere in the world. It has become a popular way to watch events such as sports matches, concerts, lectures, and other activities. Livestreams have also become a popular way to watch television shows, movies, and other forms of entertainment.
This choice will enable you to watch games that have been played for you. It's a great selection for those who desire to observe both camera and mouse movement or just for the sake of entertainment. It's the perfect choice for those who wish to gain more than just a boost; they also want to learn from it. And what better way to do so than to watch the direct input from one of the greatest players on the server?


Enhance your order with this choice. We guarantee only our top-tier boosters will complete your order. These boosters have been in the business for an extended period and have maintained an elite rank in the game for multiple seasons. With this option, you can be confident you will receive the best service possible.

What are the benefits of purchasing an elo boosting service?

The motives behind someone procuring an elo boost can vary widely, and although it is difficult to list all the possible reasons, a few of them can be identified.

Very Limited Hours

When your schedule is tight and you don't have the means to climb solo que, any veteran League of Legends player is aware how difficult it is to even go up one division. You may have confidence in your abilities, but not enough time to make it happen. Instead of grinding and stalling at one elo for a long period, it would be more convenient to have someone else do the hard work for you. This is an efficient way to save your energy and time.


Rewards can be substituted with benefits in this context, as both words are associated with something good that is given in return for a good action.
An image can be seen depicting a person with a laptop, a phone, and a cup of coffee. All three items are essential for the individual to be able to work efficiently. The laptop is key for carrying out tasks, the phone is for communication, and the coffee is for energy. All three together suggest that productivity will be maximized.
Receiving end of season rewards is a frequent motivation for boosting. This can include a victorious skin, chroma, or victorious ward. If one is platinum or higher, they may even have been asked to help out a friend to make it in time for the season. Some individuals may not have the time or skill to do this, and boosting is a fast and easy way to still gain the rewards. Additionally, it can be seen as an investment, as the rewards add value to the account if it is ever sold.

Gaining Knowledge

You may be surprised to discover that buying a boost is a way of learning the game. It involves watching the booster play and conversing with them to gain insight into their techniques. This approach provides an opportunity to learn from the best and is a unique method of instruction that many people use. Furthermore, it can be likened to streaming a professional player, just with the added benefit of being able to ask personal questions.

Is it possible to be taken advantage of?

Our firm operates with legality, thus scamming is not a possibility. We take pride in our reputation, and uphold rigorous standards with our boosters. That said, we still feel it is necessary to caution you on certain matters.
When it comes to boosting, there are unfortunately some people hoping to take advantage of trusting souls. If anyone is offering a "free" boost, it's advisable to stay far away. These individuals are likely trying to get your account banned by purposely losing or using unauthorized scripts. Therefore, it is best to pay for a service as it takes a lot of practice and dedication to win persistently.
If you're looking for elo boosting services, it can be difficult to tell which ones are legit and which ones are scams. The safest option is to go with a service from a dependable website like ours that provides guarantees and assurance that your account is secure.

Is it advantageous to get a lift?

Answering this question is very personal and cannot be done by us. Nonetheless, we will say this: there is no disgrace in seeking outside assistance if you need it. It could be because of lack of time, feeling stuck, or aiming for rewards. If the circumstances suit it, boosting can be an option worth considering, so be unafraid to look into a reputable boosting business such as ours. And if you do get one, look into getting a coaching session with it.
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